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Ra Castaldo series on Leak Project

Very interesting series of shows here over the last few months that Ra has done on the Leak Project :…

Ra Castaldo on Off Planet Radio Cathedrals of the Damned

amazing show check out right here; Cathedrals of the Damned

Ra Castaldo on Robert Phoenix

check out this great show

Stargates of El yunque Rain forest with Jorge Martin

tonights show from 7 to 9 pm eastern 1/26/19 on

tonight ( Dec.8th 2018 ) guest on  my radio show Eye of Ra on the Truth frequency radio network  will…

Ra Castaldo on Leak Project; Reanimating the Rephaim

  Don’t miss this show!!!!! mind-blowing info!!!

Ra Castaldo on kcor radio Hyperspace with Solaris Blueraven

amazing show recorded live on January 19th 2018 on KCOR radio

Ra Castaldo as guest on Beyond the Veil ( Akhenaten A.I. papyrus)

Ra as guest on Beyond the Veil with hosts Chris and Sheree Geo…..Amazing breakdowns of Ancient Egyptian papyrus and more!!!…

Ra Castaldo as guest on OFF PLANET RADIO

Ra as guest on Off Planet radio with hosts Randy and Emily

Ra Castaldo on Fearless Radio (2nd appearance)

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