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  1. Possible to make an email list? I’d love to join one. ONE LOVE!!! 😘🌌🌎🍀🌅🎰😌😀🎨😎

  2. I will add u to mailing list

  3. How can I set up a reading. I have not seen you since 8th grade gym.. lol

  4. Great idea.
    Watch your back. 🙂

  5. Ra I just listen to you on leak project what you talked about really interest me. I’ve had some similar experiences.
    I was born in Naples Italy.
    I have seen what you called men in black more then once.
    I would really like to discuss what you talked about with the astral plane. My nonna use to talk about spirts, wolf men, what people call leprechauns and more.
    I would appreciative a reading, what would you advise.

  6. I would love to be added to a email list and would love to contact you directly. I just recently found you from watching your interviews with Leak Project. I resonated with alot you were saying and i have so many questions as my bloodline is similar.

  7. hey Ra,
    I have been trying to contact you through email to set up a reading if i can. if you are to busy I would love to get some references because it is past due for me to have this conversation.

  8. Ra, finally a place to connect with my fellow star soldiers!
    Saw you on leak project a few times. I’ve had similar experiences, visions and premonitions. I actually remember coming here, making that soul contract. I remember the work done in the astral plane – I rescue refugees and bring them into a safe city. I would love to share more with you sometime. Thanks for creating this place.

  9. I have question for Ra.. what is up with the pitch tone in my ears??
    It doesn’t happen constantly just like once every couple weeks as a matter fact right at the second I started my question it is ringing in my left ear. Super high pitch!
    And then I even wear headphones to bed because I have noise in my ears that sounds like if you were setting next to a lake or out in a country night kinda like locusts but it’s constant.
    And then bam I’m hit with the high pitch that has at times almost knocked me to the ground!
    The locust sound is like it’s a block or something…please don’t think I’m crazy and I promise this is not what people call tinnitus!
    Anything you can tell me about this will be greatly appreciated! Much Love!

  10. Hey can you do a reading for me?

  11. Looking forward to new poetry song celebrating coil STEPUP Uzumaki 黒渦町 spirangle jetty turtle graphics. (The loxodrome has an infinite number of revolutions …

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