Exploring the Ka with host Ra Castaldo is Ra’s new uncensored Youtube Channel subscribe here:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_-_GeCMi2S0QH0_B-mUEg.…..This is really exciting and if you’re   a fan of Spiral Radio or Eye of Ra on truth frequency radio network  than you’re really gonna love this!!!!This is where Ra does video blogs of paranormal and occult topics, posts vids of him writing new songs and practicing songs, martial arts techniques and vids from his archives, info and spiral radio vids, ufo sightings, short music vids and much more!!!!So like and subscribe to Exploring the Ka with host Ra Castaldo on youtube this is the best in paranormal talk this side of the kuiper belt!!!  Here are sum interesting videos from Exploring the ka !!!!!!Make sure you go to the youtube page to see the entire library . If you enjoy the vids, subscribe so you get notified each time i post!!!!! some of Ra’s youtube apperances have already gone viral!!