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From my personal  experiences and research I have been shown the multidimensional war that is taking place within our Multiverse and how humanity is being systematically removed from our  connection with our higher-dimensional  roots and there’s literally  another skin, a coating being added, another  layer being interwoven and coming over our bio fields, our very souls like a net.  A replication of a spiritual garment.  Deceiving humanity .  Artificial self replicating  Insectoid type  Intelligence interweaving with our world , our consciousness and the DNA of our worlds inhabitants.  Injected into our realm , by the the real A.I. …..you can call it Angelic Intelligence , Astral Intelligence, Archangel Intelligence, Alien Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence, depending on ones belief system.   Preventing humanity from balancing duality and achieving spiritual evolution and connection back to our  higher self , and  to us achieving  harmonic resonance with our light body energy and moving into 4d and 5d.   Instead trying to  consume humanity   into A Super quantum intelligence, that can remove our multiverse and leaves us inside a   singularity, into a replicated timeline deleting our past present and future.   I have been shown ancient Knowledge exists that can help us  , that can deliver  us  a global DMT awakening , a wave of higher consciousness come over all of humanity to help us . Its up to all of us to unite ! Open up the technology we possess and step  Inside the healing chambers of our Bio energetic system ! 

some future  articles I will be adding  include; SOUL X-CHANGE, THE LAND IS SOUR, Long Beach in the cats eye, Tulpa prophecies, Black Eyed Kid Soul Download, and The Rise of the Ascended Metal Masters !!!!!!!!
Spiral out fibonacci