Ra is a hereditary Italian mystic, shaman and a caul-bearer. A caul bearer is someone born in the amniotic sac and sometimes even with the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck of the baby. The Caul is the amniotic sac that babies live in, inside the womb of the mother, the matrix. Those born still in the caul are said to be born with second sight and can see into the higher-dimensional Bio- energetic system.  For ages,globally, those born inside the caul or with caul membrane around head and face are said to be born behind the veil and are part of a  lineage that  has been called the Benandanti or “Good Walkers”. Which is basically a hereditary Shaman. His strong ancient bloodlines are from several areas In Italy including Sicily, Benevento,  Lake Nemi, Volterra, and even Afragola/Naples,  Italy. These are the old ways , la vecchia religione , and the mystical lake Nemi is an ancient volcanic crater in the Alban hills . Ancients  call this Diana’s Mirror. Shockingly, Lake Nemi is only 19 miles from the Vatican. Tunnels are said to exist from Nemi to the Vatican. This Ancient magical lake has been kept a secret by both the Vatican and Strega for thousands of years and its true significance and importance most will never understand, unless they were raised in the old ways.  Nemi, the town along side the lake is a town dedicated to the moon goddess Diana. Benevento , which is the home to the sacred Walnut tree and walnut witches are secretly linked to Lake Nemi in Lazio as well.  Along with the tale of a Sacred walnut tree exist the many legends of a Sacred Oak and a Mystical Sacred Forest/Grove near Nemi as well. The Lady of the Lake Egeria and the giant Virbius is also said to belong to the Sacred grove and mystical lake. You can find this discussed in the Golden Bough by James Frazer.   Aradia, was born in the early 1300’s in Volterra (Tuscany) which is Ancient Etruria.  This was to become an avatar for our people, to revive the old ways, to once again live in harmony with nature and the surrounding worlds. Everything in the galaxy is linked and directly affects one another…As above , so below. Throughout the ages there have been many different names used for the moon goddess, which is mother to the Benandanti Lineage. To the Catholics, she is the Marian,  Ancient Egyptians she was Isis, in the Mediterranean, they  call her Diana and even Herodias . But there’s another, more ancient name. The most ancient name for the mother of all strega is  UNI.
Ra’s ancestry was shown to him as once being connected to a  hidden circle of Herodia and what later became the hidden circle of Aradia. Ra’s unique bloodline is very ancient and from Etruscan lineage who got this knowledge from ancient Persia,  who came from a mysterious Star people. In fact, Ra’s ancestral line are called the  Tannarric mystics/ shaman which means “Star mystics.”They have preserved the mysteries of all stellar realms encoded inside their  DNA and are the shaman who best understand and who really know what the Grigori are.

***GRIGORI*** The grigori or the watchers, watch over all magical practices , guard and protect all Earth portals and stargates, They are our astral guardians. When a true blood born benandanti is initiated in mysticism, the grigori are there as the subject is taken by these most ancient of all spirits. Than one is brought to deaths door and back in a shamanistic initiation like event that radically changes the subjects life. If one survives this, that’s when there life as a benandanti begins. Forever watched over by the Grigori, even given a name by them. Aradia, was given 9 special scrolls from the Grigori, which were later stolen by the Vatican. One of the 9 scrolls were rumored to be of special metal with special coding on it that only Aradia could unlock. This scroll had the secrets to all earth portals and star gates , what Ancestors died to protect and pass on. Also the secrets to Lake Nemi and the ancient walnut tree that was the gateway to the underworld. The church and Saint Barbato who  had an incarnated Goetia/ disembodied Nephilim inside of him,  ordered this Walnut tree in Benevento to be cut down in 662 a.d. But the spot it was on, is still worshiped and remembered by Strega today. Also now is the spot of an Ancient Egyptian obelisk. In a future article or if you go to Ra’s youtube videos, you can find a description of how certain evil astral spirits learned how to incarnate as and host humans. Ra’s Benandanti lineage believe Saint Barbato was one of these. What Solomon called the 72 lesser keys or Goetia.  Ra’s experiences and research has led him to believe these beings are the disembodied spirits of the dead Rephaim .King Solomon used sum of these evil spirits to help him build the temple mount to house the ark of the covenant. Supposedly some of these daemons were imprisoned beneath Lake Nemi in an astral cubed prison. Also in the palazzo del popolo there also stood an ancient Walnut tree that emperor Nero was buried beneath. This walnut tree, like the one in Benevento, was a spiritual technology that kept evil contained in a prison of sorts. Both trees were cut down by the catholic church,in very similar styles.In the palazzo del popolo it was in 1099 a.d. and in Benevento 662 a.d. Also both spots are now controlled by the church, contain Holy temples , and red granite Obelisks taken from Ancient Egypt.

grigori pentacleitalienItalian Strega symbol from Tuscany.

***LASA*** The Lasa are our hyper-dimensional protectors. They fight the negative forces that are feeding on humans energy, making us self loathing,drug addicted, insecure,etc. Forcing our consciousness into a state of amnesia. Archangel Michael is one of these beings. They are a form of Grigori/watcher/draco/annunaki/ that do not  just oversee and conduct humanity like an orchestra but get directly involved with spiritual warfare in all planes of existence. They are ancient protective spirits, and they can be evoked to help in spiritual battles, but there is always a price. From my personal experience and beliefs in my lineage as a True Benandanti  it is always best to fight your own battles and never use an outside entity that you don’t fully understand to assist you. LASA: This is where what we call magick comes from, astral/soul technology that is so fantastic to us it seems like magick. They are the most ancient of all spirits and the first spirits known to our world. Truly the protective spirits of the Old ways. This picture is from ancient Etruscan culture. The Lasa were the most important of all spirits to the Etruscan’s.fadaf1e22d4b8c51aed0ec42db563347

***Regarding the Roman Catholic Church***many Strega or Mago had to become Roman Catholic Strega to avoid the inquisition, and being burned alive after imprisoned by the Church Army. What many don’t realize is the Roman Catholics adapted most of their religion, saints, and rituals from the Strega traditions. Also Saint Anthony was a Powerful Strega and became a Roman Catholic Saint to help those in need . He is known as the wizard Saint to us. Saint Anthony protects all who have lost their ways, especially children,and also those lost in the astral realms. He can bless you with true love in your heart and help you spiritually find your way and purpose. When the time is right, you will know it was Saint Anthony who blessed you.padua2-2

Other Roman Catholics that were Strega  that worked for or were associated with the church include St Benedict , St Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio and Don Bosco, just  to name a few. Albertus Magnus and St thomas Aquinas  were also  powerful alchemists and dream seers.  Don Bosco was known as the patron saint to some magicians and a powerful dream seer. Some paid with their lives for beliefs that are known facts today . One man was Girodano Bruno who was put to death in 1600 over his beliefs. Ra and one of Girodano Bruno’s ancestors Lori Bruno did a radio show on him that you can find on the Spiral Radio page episode 53.

Many Saints were known to be able to even resurrect the dead! Even Don Bosco raised the dead.  St. Benedict, the Saint known to be used during exorcisms, was a powerful Strega, or Mago. He was known to have raised the dead along with many other mystical abilities.

The owl is a very mystical and special creature to us and is our family symbol. The word Strega come from latin Strix which means screech owl.ffa6f641ec913ececae97ac2cf9341eb

“WE Are the Benandanti ….we Don’t make spells, WE BREAK THEM !!!! “

 basic beliefs as a hereditary strega :

  • we believe everything in nature has its role,everything playing its own crucial part in the cycle of life, everything is entwined and linked like the double helix…
  • We believe we are matter forged in the heart of a far away star, spiritual creatures temporarily encased in physical matter, and that all of us are put on this Earth plane to S.E.E. that stands for to Spiritually Eternally Evolve…a positive afterlife and continuous spiritual evolution until we ascend to a higher vibration. Therefore we are believers in Reincarnation.
  • We believe in different realms,portals, dimensions,astral travels,and worlds. There are both spiritual beings and other world beings out there . We are not alone.
  • We believe in Karma and consequences for our actions.
    We believe in both the gods and the goddess .the universal mother and father. and we have the divine spark of our creation in each one of us
  • We believe the Earth has an unseen energy or chi/orgone/ether/zero point/scalar waves/numen/vril etc…. and there are natural places of amazing power on this living breathing library we call Earth, and that a infinite earth memory can be accessed (Akashik record). We are like library cards and can access all Earths info. Also that psychic abilities are a normal part of life thats been suppressed by Abrahamic culture. Placing a veil over our consciousness.
  • We believe that all true magick can only be achieved thru the practice and ancestral activation of these old ways and only if one has true love in their heart……

The following abilities and information I am sharing has been hidden within my lineage and DNA for thousands of years. Not everyone in the lineage inherits or awakens these abilities but when it is passed down or awakened it gets stronger with every incarnation. This information has been kept secret among hereditary Italian families similar to mine for thousands of years. Some of these family lines have been wiped out and extinguished by the cabal and elites of the world including the Vatican . The most powerful tho were never touched, a few exist still, and times have changed we no longer should have to hide ourselves, eventually this information . Well its time to activate it in the collective consciousness of humanity and no longer keep this secret occult or hidden. That’s why I feels its pertinent to share some of these abilities and information with everyone so we can all be our own healers,psychics, and shaman.

The special gifts of my heritage include:

  • We are the Benandanti or Good walkers
  • we are ancient protectors of Knowledge regarding the stargate portals within sacred spiritual coordinates on our Planet such as Lake Nemi
  • We are ancient shaman, cloud readers n prophets
  • We are highly intuitive psychics,know the voice of the wind, can communicate with spirits, ancient oracle and palm readers,
    and ancient Dream prophets.
  • we can communicate with the higher-dimensional sytem and reveal the source of all hidden things and realms
  • We can manifest beauty in all things thru thought , prayer/mantra
  • We can communicate with all animals.
  • we can heal others and ourselves thru various ways, thru herbs, spell/prayer,thru musical healing, sun and  moon power.
  • we can access our timelines that are running simultaneously(holographically)  draw down power from the sun / moon, astral travel, and past life recall. We have access to the holographic astral library or Akashic Records
  • We hold ancient star knowledge encoded in our DNA and genetic memory and have the ability to transform in the astral . As astral soldiers we battle  thoughtforms or tulpas, we fight to defend the crops, and all Mother Earth, to protect the abundance of Gaia and cleanse the collective consciousness . We Are the Benandanti.


The Benandanti vs. The Malandanti…………. the tales of these ongoing Astral Wars that have been taking places for thousands of years.  When the Equinox is upon us ; A battle between Light and Dark forces of energy takes place!!! The battle for the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity!!!! the battle over our Genetics and DNA !!! The battle between Spirit and Artificial Intelligence………..COMING SOON!!!!!!COMING SOON!!!!


at_nemi_by_stalkinghyena strega