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Ra Castaldo on FreemanFly … Solar Eclipse show!!!

Here is the most recent appearance of Ra on the alternative media circuit. He was a guest on his new…

Ra Castaldo as guest on NOX MENTE

This was a really great interview about Ra being a dream seer and having interesting Dreamtime and Astral Travels.

Ra Castaldo as guest on OFF PLANET RADIO 8/13/17

Ra as a guest on Off Planet Radio with hosts Randy Maugans And Emily Moyer. Joining him is friend and…

Ra as a guest on The Cosmic Switchboard show on 5/26/17

This was a 2 hour interview done by Ra’s good buddy , researcher, radio host, abductee, experiencer, and lecturer James…

Ra on the Nature of Reality Radio 4/12/17

Ra was recently a guest on the Nature of Reality Radio …….4/12/17

Ra on the Spearhead Transmission Podcast Live on youtube 4/4/17

Ra’s amazing interview on The Starseed Awakening Show KCOR Radio 4/8/17

Ra goes deep down the spiral of Aliens, DNA, Ancient Galactic wars and bloodlines on the Starseed Awakening show with…

Ra ‘s other Appearances on Leak Project

Ra plays a live acoustic song on the video above titled “the reptilian Agenda etc….” below is a great video…

Ra Castaldo on popular Youtube channel The Leak Project….You do not wanna miss this!!!!

  Three parts to this interview…..simply powerful!!!!!!!!!!    

Ra Castaldo On Solaris Blueraven’s Hyperspace on KCOR radio

This is an amazing show Solaris and I go deep down the Spiral……topics include the astral wars taking place, Ra’s…

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