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21927617Hello, you have found the right spot if you’re looking for an oracle reading by Ra Castaldo. Ra is a Benandanti Caulbearer  which is a powerfully intuitive dream seer. He believes in positive affirmations and ultimately all readings will leave You with a positive outlook/goal to look forward to. Ra is an Ancient protector of knowledge and an old soul. Most likely, if you have found this page than you are an old soul as well. When old souls connect and you get reminded of who you are and what you have encoded within you, that’s when activation starts. Usually after a reading with him you will experience a remembrance of inner Gnosis!!!!You have a few choices here so lets get ready to connect with your higher self!!!

  • package 1 : Bio-energetic reading is a minimum of $175.00 donation consisting of a 30 min period  where Ra taps into your Bio Energetic system, and interprets what your higherself is revealing to him.
  • package 2 Bio-Energetic reading is a minimum of  $250.00 donation. This consists of a 60 min period where Ra taps into your Bio Energetic system, scans your spiritual layers, ancestral memory, past lives and helps you find your true spiritual purpose in life. Ra can sense certain ages where your energy shifted and how to channel some of your trauma into positive power.
  • package 3:  Spiritual Unions and Spiritual Clearings start at a minimum of $500.00 and can vary depending on each situation. Ra is a licensed Reverend and can Renew Vows, do spiritual clearings, clearings of locations. please contact him at to discuss
  •  package 4:    This consists of a Bio energetic reading   done by email only  requires a minimum of $95.00 donation

 please note:Readings are done by phone , email.

For local In person readings please contact me by email 

All Money is considered a Donation and not refundable!!!!!!!!!

Learn more about readings and Ra’s process below.

readings are not like any other service in the world.  This is a disclaimer and reminder of the intense energy needed to do one of these readings. For a small donation you will receive priceless life changing info about your spiritual and physical life . When you first purchase a reading, Ra, immediately sits with your info to see what comes up, than during the  reading more is revealed,than once again after reading he will sit with the info to see whats revealed to him so he can give the most accurate interpretation of what he is seeing,  and viewing.  This truly is an amazing interaction, and takes extreme concentration to tap into each clients Bio-energetic system.

Ra has the right to cancel or refuse any reading and may need to change the date of reading due to  energy issues or possible distortions . In the many years he has been doing readings he has only had to refuse 2 people . This is just a disclaimer and reminder of the intense energy needed to do one of these readings.

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READINGS are Donation Based!!!please give what you can time and energy is priceless!!!    Once donation is received you will hear from Ra or his assistant Mica within two business days to schedule time with him.   Donate here:


Oracle readings are Donation Based but if you can’t afford to Donate at all please email us and we can work something out , Even if you are not looking for a reading you can still donate to help  keep this site live here is the link :
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  1. Hi Ra, Im requesting a reading. Ive been very sick this past week n getting worse. I seen a n big orb just before the blood moon coming down to me was hoping u could help with f I nding out whatvthe orb was n also help me with my p@§t lives in order to get over the daily depression, anxiety,agoraphobia,thats just the top 3….i figured maybe u could be told something that could improve my life of hiding n waiting for death. I know i have something in my hands but thats all. Im also from hungary if that helps at all. Thank you

  2. I mean im from the united states n was put up. For adoption from people who were from hungary my great grandparents were the one who came over 2 thè usa

  3. Ra, thank you for being willing to help people for free! I am shocked and relieved to find someone like you! I would like to get your help, since finding you on Wes Penre’s site. I trust that you understand that much help out there is tainted by the AIF in the 4% universe. Are you able to obtain your guidance from a very clear source within the 96% universe? Please let me know what info I need to provide.
    Ny name: Laura Cornwall
    Email: LMCornwall@aol (can be all lower case)
    Bless you!

    • Thanks Laura, although it gets hard sometimes to keep up with it, I was taught charging people for an oracle reading is wrong….when sumone is charging sumone by the minute or whatever than its already tainted. Money is the focus, they r selling u a product!!!!i can see if u r counseling the person or u r a therapist, but to charge for a few minute oracle reading to me is not right….its that person way of avoiding a real job hahahaha i will email u now…do u have a specific reading in mind??

  4. Hi.its have got few interesting options hier😊but i would just simply kindly ask for a reading about the person who is still in my heart.

  5. I wanna thank you for all that u do. My sister Laura spoke highly of you and that is a true compliment! !
    I would enjoy a reading my life is complicated, but who’s isn’t ?
    Let’s talk soon,

  6. Ra, I want to thank you, sincerely, for the incredible reading you gave me. I felt a profound connection to your energy, and your deep insights and intuitions reflected that. The cards you pulled for me have so much meaning…as if you pulled them from my very soul…you use your gift to help guide others on their path, and I commend you for your dedication. I have already recommended you to other seekers I know,and also encourage them to donate to keep things going! Spiral On!

  7. Thanks sooooo much Laura u r a beautiful, intelligent soul….and u said it best u have soooo much to offer. It was my pleasure. Thanks for your support and kind words.

  8. Hi Ra,

    My friend Laura suggested I contact you. I’m interested in a numerology reading and a Strega reading. What I really would like to know is what the cards tell me about the very near future. Please email to the attached email address to let me know what info you may need from me. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Hey Inessa, yes Laura is a very switched on , down to earth woman. I can definitely see what is in the cards for u!!!i will email u sometime this evening
      thanks Ra

  9. Hi Ra,
    Just emailed you a request for a reading:)
    Didn’t see you emailed me back until today. THANKS

  10. thanks Maggie…and I agree hahaha, hopefully my message will get heard. Its just starting, I feel, in fact I know this is a crucial time for the world to awaken and revive the old ways of being in HARMONY WITH NATURE and ourselves for that matter. Much Luv- Ra

  11. Did u want an Oracle Reading Maggie

  12. Hi Ra, this is Crystal “Rain” on fbook. I would like a reading with you. Not sure which 1.

  13. Anne Reyes Garcia

    October 29, 2016 — 2:01 pm

    Hi Ra! I’m interested in an oracle reading from you. I’ll let you decide which one would be best. Let me know if there’s any info you need from me to do it. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Anne Reyes Garcia

    • hey i will email u tonight…..Yes i will find the right one for u …just need ur birth sign/horoscope…thanks for the interest

      • Anne Reyes Garcia

        November 1, 2016 — 10:50 pm

        Thank u! I can’t wait. As soon as I receive an email from u I’ll send u whatever other info u need. My bday is 7-7-71. I’m a cancer. Born at 6:45pm….within hours of the full moon. 😉

  14. Hi Ra I was talking to you the other day 😊I’m not sure wat to put her or which reading I would like maybe it will come when we chat
    Thank you Christine

    • hey i know exactly what kind of reading for u….lets do that this evening or tomorrow night.will email u when i get home from work. thanks for the interest

  15. Hello,

    I’m requesting an oracle reading A when you have time.

    Thank you,

  16. Hi Ra 💖 What an honour and a blessing it is to have crossed paths via mutual friends on Facebook… I was here on your site having a read of some of your work and saw your Oracle Reading offer here… I am wondering if it is possible to receive a reading from you? Currently I am financially struggling as I’ve been unwell this year and not working but I would be able to contribute a small donation if you’d like or pay your generosity and kindness forward or maybe both! Look forward to hearing from you about a reading 🙏🏻💙 Shannon Routledge

  17. Saved as ɑ favorite, I love your web site!

  18. Thank you for your open and willingness. I am interested in the most powerful astrega oracle reading.

  19. Thanks for your gifts, fella. May I request one? Dig yr radio show. I listen via podcast republic. Let me know via email how to proceed. Thanks man.

  20. I would love a reading. I could use some spiritual guidance. I loved your interview on Cosmic Switchbard.

  21. HI Ra,

    I would be interested in a reading from you…..I was born on 1-21-63 at 7:35 pm. Very grateful for your time!

    Blessings to you!


  22. Good morning 😃 I hope this is where I have to leave a request for a reading. I’m super excited to hear what it is, thank you for the opportunity!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • hey Paula….i will do a few readings for u ..will email u tonight!! much luv..I went to school with Alexandra, Juana a few years younger than glad u found my site

  23. Marisol Rivera Andujar

    November 18, 2016 — 10:16 am

    Hi….how are you?….i would like a reading. …do not which…..a bit unguided lately

  24. Hi Ra, I love your teachings and was also wondering about a reading. Like many, my life is in the blender, at a crossroads, up in the air…however you put it. Feeling like a dead end at times.

    Would love some of your insight my friend when you are free.


  25. Hi Ra,

    If you have time I would like to experience one of your Strega readings. I would like to have some ideas what to expect and what I should focus on for 2017.

    BUT, my traditions say there must be reciprocity. If you could email me your address I would lke to send you a gift of some sort.

    Jim aka James Stovall aka Shaman Jim

  26. Good evening, Ra. I’m hoping you can help me. I own a business where most of my work is the work I do to help for free, because I enjoy it more than the paid portion. I can help many more people doing the free work. I’ve been at it strong for almost 2 years now. My goal is to help globally. I feel like big changes are coming in 2017 with this and was hoping you could validate. Thank you so much, ❤️

  27. Hi Ra.
    My 9 year old grandson has been having problems with spirits. They bother him at night and when he tries to imagine a white light of protection around him. When he was 6. My son wade committed suicide. Weeks later wade came to him. Now we didn’t know this until my daughter went to see a spiritualist a year later. Wade spoke to her about it and she passed that info on to Shana. I already knew he had a gift. I don’t know how to help him though. He is with me for a few days so I hope you can help him. When he is with me he says the spirits ,/nightmares don’t bother him it’s killing me to not be able to help him. Thanks Ra. We’ve spoken b4. If anyone could understand I believe it is you. Have a good one.

  28. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting info .

  29. Hi RA
    Last night I head a dream that I should seek guidance. In the dream I know the person I should seek guidance from, yet, as I woke up, I realised I didn’t know such person. I put the dream behind me, yet, for the past few days, I have had the impression that I must get some form of advice, from a healer or a reader.
    Today is the day della befana, la strega of the epiphany, a character I am familiar with being Italian, yet never seen through the lense of an ancient religious shamanic practice. Everything homed me towards reconnecting with such wisdom..and then, out of the ‘sheer chance’ which is more synchronicity than random, I happened to find your website, and all became clear.

    I would be very grateful if you could do me a Strega reading. I leave it to the powerful laws of the Universe to guide your reading so that it will make sense to me as thee are far too many areas I would like to explore.

  30. Ra ;

    Nice of you to practice Spirituality with Dignity and Integrity . This is GOOD and far between .
    Thankyou .

    May you serve your audience well , my friend . I am interested in the ” hidden Realms ” reading . If we were to look into the DNA aspect of it , I think that this will have a huge affect on me now and into the unforseen .
    THanks Ra .

  31. Hope u enjoyed the reading Sam….it wuz an amazing experience

  32. RA, your interview with Rex blew me away and was so powerful much more than most will see! As I attempt to write this I am overcome with emotion I am litteraly In tears and my body is filled with tingling chils going up my spine actually all over. I am a retired high ranking military guy and I lived in Italy in 1985-1986 in Vicenza and for some reason I am being pushed to contact you! I never lived in In NY or CA so I have no idea why I need to say that it who knows. Ra, I will say from time to time I know things or maybe to clarify I can often see the truth in things. Dude I haven’t been affected by an interview like I have today it’s actually making my gut tighten up in a way that it’s saying something. Please contact me I would like a reading and will donate as asked! Thanks for all you do…royka

  33. Ra, your readings and insights will be very beneficial. Teachings that will no doubt serve me well with the project I’m working on. I’ll get you up to speed on it via email. Love the YouTube channel and Leak Project interviews!

  34. Hi Ra, thank you for your time, God knows how I came across you lol. Loving your videos, everything is moving really fast for me, yet I feel I have been quite stagnant over the last year. could I please have a reading when you are available. I am from Queensland Australia, so yeah the time difference thing. I will donate to you today. Much love, Jade

  35. Holy wow. I have been on my star child journey for a LONG time, and you have finally connected all the dots for me. As you know when one is trying to make scene of the matrix, it is easy to go down the endless rabbit holes. I have had finally found the truth that I have been seeking. and I am not alone. I have only one friend who is on the same level as me . and I was told by who i thought to be a very wise person to stop trying to spread the word because nobody will listen. please email me so we can arrange something. Ive been waiting for you for a while and had a moment of clarity yesterday before i watched your podcasts

  36. Hi Ra… Thank you for sharing your experiences and all the work you do. You are right and the world does need this information right now. I imagine you are quite busy with your own life but if by chance you can share anything with me about mine, good or bad, for some reason I think it might help me. Things arent good, they should be but arent…. Not sure how much more I can endure or how much longer I can even be hopeful they will get better. What am I suppose to be doing? If things are meant to be this way then fine but something tells me they arent and I am stuck, losing more of myself and my truth every day it seems…. Not even sure what inspired me to tell you all this … maybe you do. Thank you and please take care of yourself and the family.

  37. Thanks for your help and support. I resonate with so much that you share with humanity and/or what is left of it. Felt the need to donate and inquiry about the oracle reading to further what I need to do upon my true soul’s purpose in this life. Much love and respect.

  38. Hello Ra I would like a Guardian Angel Reading/Lasa reading for help. Lately I am too anxious and I feel stuck and trapped. I feel lost and confused about my life path and I am worried. I am struggling to make money for myself, and I want to know what are my karmic blocks or what actions I need to take to start following my path. Thank You+Peace and Love!!

  39. I donated so i hope to hear from you soon

  40. I made a sm donation and would like to donate another 15 next month.
    I was interested in the guardian angel 1 card readg if thats ok by my email is fine.
    Thank you for alllll ur help from ur website and youtube channel…you r my absolute Favvvvvorite!

  41. Hi Ra,

    I have listened to a couple of your interviews on Leak Project. Very interesting stuff. I need a reading from you. I don’t know which one… I still don’t know what I want to be if I grow up and would like some insight. I know I have a mission. Also I have been going through a dark night of the soul period…trying to make it through. Enough about me…When you feel like it I would love to hear from you. My schedule is unpredictable and I know you are a busy guy. So when it is easy no rush. I will donate…let me know what I need to do.

    Thanks for all you do…

  42. I just found you via Leak Prohect. I was deemed disabled 3.01.09, I don’t know that they truly know what happened. I have always searched for more, knowing there is more. I would love a reading when I can better afford it, being a single mom on disability. I’ve longed for some type of akashic read, not sure which of your readings are similar as I am now learning. Thank you. Your msgs ring truth.

  43. Your oracle readings are so spot on!!! I should know.

  44. Do u take donations in cryptos? Like litecoin?

  45. Had a Strega reading. Felt really connected to the information. On-point and extremely helpful. Worth every penny! Thank you <3

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