This was a 2 hour interview done by Ra’s good buddy , researcher, radio host, abductee, experiencer, and lecturer James Bartley. This was the second time Ra has been a guest on James’s podcast called The Cosmic Switchboard. This time Ra and James discuss …Fears and how they were given to us by these Fallen Angels, inserted like implants into our memory and corrupting our very souls. Leviathan and the black cube of Aldebaran, The Orion Wars and the viruses that arose , black/grey crystalline goo , the Collective hive beings produced, The world eater Octopus entity and so much more. This video contains hour 1 of the interview , hour 2 of this interview is for subscribers only on James website and is worth it to hear this groundbreaking discussion where Ra talks of Plant humanoid beings from Vega and how they have protective entities guarding the access to the Akashic records thru all plant life. Ra gives the names of these entities as well as pics. Also Ra discusses his visions of how Ancient Giants may be awakening from a stasis. Enjoy !!!!!