Ra , had a near death experience when he was younger, that changed his outlook on life. What he came to find out sum years later,this experience, was what mystics call a shamanistic initiation. He can remember his body being taken apart particle by particle and than put back together again. Over the next few weeks after his interests started to change,the way he dressed, thought,and approached life was all radically changed. Although he still played sports, and excelled in all of them actually, they were not as important anymore. Always, enjoying music anyway, he now had a new understanding of it, The way he heard it was even completely different, being able to hear all the different parts of it separately. A new fond interest in the cosmos, this is when he really began to be aware of the other realms, and the beings that reside there. Ra, went thru many troubled years, at first being frightened and shocked to the core from what he felt was just his madness. At first, he did what many do when this happens, and tried to drown it out by numbing his mind and body with drugs and lies. Finally finding solace in his music, martial arts, and his strega roots he was able to climb out of that downward spiral and for the last 15 years he has accomplished a lot, a successful member of working society,a dad, a coach,a radio host, a dedicated strega and mystic, published poet,songwriter,researcher and so much more.Thru his many experiences in life , that you will b able to read about on this site, hear on his radio show and podcast, and also hear other shows that he frequently is a guest on. BUT….Since this page you clicked is all about Ra’s music … lets get back to that… Thru his many experiences Ra, had contact with what he calls the Fiela. These are feline type humanoid beings that are highly intelligent,psychic,astral masters, and they are our ancient ancestors. Ra has come to believe these entities are part feline,part us, and part artificial intelligence. This a.i. can manipulate DNA, matter, and consciousness. Ra feels that we all are living in a simulated experience and we have been pushed into matter on this physical plane to experience these 5 senses and we have all agreed to be here in this material world for a certain timecoded reason. Some of us may have even been part of there world in a previous incarnation. They seem to come from the area of Lyra but there home land was destroyed and invaded by the Draco Reptilian genetic manipulators, or what have also been called the Annunaki (Mesopotamia), The Naga (India/Hindu/Vedic),Dragon gods (China),and so on. Forced to flee to Vega and other star systems…eventually finding Mars which was than destroyed as well …than finally Gaia, Earth. One can see the connection of Mars and ancient Egypt with legends of these Felines. In fact, many don’t even realize Cairo means Camp of Mars. This feline race , they love the arts, MUSIC, leisure,beautiful scenery and especially technology that involves spirituality. Although they can speak to us telepathically,As Ra describes , “Its a Knowing”, they look you in your eyes and than u know”they don’t speak like us…they speak in ancient symbols, symbols that r very powerful and can activate dormant strains or particles in our DNA and conciousness. They love our Earth music,and cannot play instruments or sing like we do,nor do they follow what our media goes by as whats popular music.They like to watch certain musicians and artists in our world, without them knowing!!!!They especially love music and art with high intense emotion and feeling in it. They get a high ecstasy feeling from very intense creative vibes. Ra has come to find out he is one of these musicians,and in 2002 he actually saw one in real 3d life! Since than he has had dreams and astral visits from time to time from this ancient race. He has also discovered that there astral visits are projected from Agartha or inner Earth and possibly even  the Kuiper Belt. They are beautiful and golden, and love rest and relaxation. But don’t let the beauty fool you there may be hidden agendas of these beings and should be apprehensive about any and all encounters. Sometimes he feels like he is performing for a group or on stage when he is just alone at home, this is when they are watching. They celebrate true art emotion and they rejoice with each other while listening and receiving the emotional pure raw vibes from the artist..It may be hard to accept or read something like this, trust me it is not crazy, you can look at many ancient civilizations, including Ancient Egypt , they all have had experiences with these beings. So here is what these “Fiela” see when they come to hear him play!!! These are the live writing sessions of Ra , all music and lyrics are his own and sum songs are being made up right on the spot while recording..Ra’s music has played a big part in his own healing, and oversoul work. Hopefully you get the same! blessed be and enjoy fiela

Color Biscuit This is a little sample of Ra’s song color biscuit

Songs from Ra’s upcoming ep called “Fingerprints of Sleep”

this is Ra working on his new song Pythonissa …an interesting peak into the writing process

So, lets continue with more information and some interesting research that goes along with Ra’s interesting experiences and findings. 

Megalithic Secrets and Ancient Civilizations

Sphinx of New York State 
This above photo was taken by Ra Castaldo in North Salem, New York spring of 2018.  Geologists tried to at first label this a glacial erratic, saying the ice age and Nature some how did this. At least, now they admit it is an Ancient Dolmen but it is called the Balanced rock. Ra has labeled this Megalithic secret and amazing mystery the "Sphinx of New York"
Made out of Rose Granite which is not from anywhere near this site, this 60 ton stone balancing on a few smaller stones is truly one of the great wonders of North America. People drive past this everyday like it doesn't even exist, not knowing the true power of this site!!! Clearly the stone resembles the head of a lion humanoid type Giant Skull! Ra , as you know is a world renown psychic and is very much intrigued by this location and stone in many ways.  Ra feels that is a storage facility for DNA and that  literally  a consciousness has been uploaded into this stone, laying dormant waiting to be activated . Long ago this Feline race seeded this stone here waiting for this coming shift on our Planet. Also, this stone is basically a multidimensional anchor of energy and was placed on a specific power spot on our lei line grid. These beings may have even brought this here from Mars. 
Sphinx of New York/ North Salem, N.Y.