Eye of Ra


Eye of Ra show on Truth Frequency Radio

Eye of Ra show on Truth Frequency Radio


This is Ra Castaldo’s new show on http://tfrlive.com 

Ra’s new show called the Eye of Ra is on the Truth Frequency Radio Network every Saturday night from 7pm to 9 pm est.

So Journey down the Mystical Spiral and unlock ancient Gnosis within yourself. Ra Castaldo takes an interesting look at the human consciousness from a birds eye perspective. Do not miss this show!!!!!


Episode 1

Guest: Masaki Miyagawa

hr1 A.I. Grigori and shadow kids hr 2 Masaki Miyagawa



Episode 2

Guest:  Paris Tosen

Naga DNA A.I. Machine/ Paris Tosen and the Earth school



Episode 3 

Guest: Solaris Blueraven

Solaris Buleraven and the end of timelines


Episode 4

Guest:  Peter Moon

Peter Moon and The Agartha Timegates



Episode 5

Guest:  John Herlosky

The Eye of the Remote Viewer with John Herlosky



Episode 6

Guest:  Bret Oldham

Bret Oldham and the Children of the Greys



Episode 7

Guest:  Nikki Colombo

Entering the OtherWorld with Nikki Colombo



Episode 8

Guest:  Tim Swartz

Chaos dragons,Archons,and the bizarre with Tim Swartz



Episode 9

Guest:  Frank Castle

Baal vs. Yahweh, The Fearless Shamans with Frank Castle



Episode 10

Guest:  Frank Jacob

The hijack of Planets,packing for Mars with Frank Jacob



Episode 11

Guest: Patty Greer

Unraveling the truth of Crop Circles with Patty Greer



Episode 12

Guest: Gary Wayne

Decoding the Nephillim with Gary Wayne



Episode 13

Guest: Robert Phoenix

Unlocking the Stellar Mysteries with Robert Phoenix



Episode 14

Guest: Christopher Garetano

Hour 1 Fae Chronicles/ Hour 2 Christopher Garetano



Episode 15

Guest: Gary Wayne

King Og and the Moonchild, Santa is Odin w/ Gary Wayne



Episode 16

Guest: Maria Wheatley

Magickal history of Stonehenge w/ Maria Wheatley



Episode 17

Guest: John Lear

Mysterious Mrs Patterson, Moon, meltdown of John Lear



Episode 18

Guest: Gary Wayne

Gary Wayne, Bloodline battle to Release the Antichrist



Episode 19

Guest: Ken The Scientist

Lupercalia origins, C60 healing w/ Ken the scientist



Episode 20

Guest: Solaris Blueraven

We are the Old ones W/ Ra Castaldo n Solaris Blueraven



Episode 21

Guest: Robert Phoenix

Hr 1 Grigori Contactee / Hr 2 Robert Phoenix



Episode 22

Guest: John Herlosky

Watchers DNA,Hr 2 John Herlosky/ Sorcerer’s Apprentice


Episode 23

Guest: Masaki

Archangel Intelligence / PSI abilities w/ Masaki


Episode 24

Ra on Time Tech & Ancient Mystery Schools

Ouroboros Time technology,A.I. ancient Mystery schools


Episode 25

Guest: Gary Wayne

Seraphim Saturday with guest Gary Wayne


Episode 26

Guest: Paris Tosen

Are there androids among us? w/ guest Paris Tosen

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  1. Excellent series hopefully leading to a full-blown short movie illuminating every facet of this multi-talented artist portal leap to 18th March 2018

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