Kyanite:  from Deep in Brasil this special rare crystalline mineral maintains the magickal charge encoded within it forever. Kyanite never has to be cleansed and  is very powerful. It assists in meditation, dreamtime , kinetic energy, remote viewing, healing , psychic powers, and most definitely past life experiences.
Ra is a hereditary shaman and knows how to charge and program objects like stones and crystals with a healing vibration!!!! He charges the blood in his body with the healing vibration and intention than transports that into the lungs, than breathes out the intention into the object with a magickal charge. Some shamanistic communities call this the Odic Breath and using the Odic Force. Ra teaches this to his subscribers on his Patreon.

  • The Crystal currently available is Kyanite. Ra chooses a random piece from the stock and charges it with a healing vibration. Big or small all pieces have a magnetic energy of its own and depending on size some purchases will contain more than one piece.
  • COST : in the United States the price is $30 shipping included.
  • This piece and charge will last forever and is a priceless piece of the Universe, this is one of Kyanite’s main properties (maintaining it’s energy) and why Ra chooses to work with it. Ra also names each crystal and chooses a special colored sage cleansed baggie to send it in. The whole experience is truly magickal.
  • Outside the United states may be more for shipping
  • Paypal link is here