We all have dreams and we all pick up astral debris in our dream time.  During our dream time we are actually astral traveling thru other planes of existence , Parallel dimensions, other fractal, fragments of who we are simultaneously existing.     What we do in our dream time/soul time/ astral time directly effects our life on the physical plane . When we are awake in this physical plane we experience life events, that create fears. Fears are memories, inserted like implants into our minds and fester until they grow into a boogeyman on our souls . Creating insecurities and attachments than can get imprinted on our genetic memory for multiple incarnations or lifetimes.  Our lives and planes of existence are similar to computer simulations and in this physical plane we have a limited visible light spectrum and most times can not see the other planes until we awaken our minds eye or are in dream time. The physical material plane is where we experience the 5 senses which result in joy and pain. Than while we sleep our physical body repairs the pain accumulated throughout the day from the physical plane while our astral and spirit body goes to work on the other planes . We are very similar to machines or like biological computer humanoids. Fears are like files inserted into our minds and stored like memory.

We all also leave traces of our astral travels in our dream time sorta like our own little signatures and scents. I like to call them our fingerprints of sleep. We can all  find these traces of you in the astral planes ………………..

Telepathic communications with data that is connected to the cosmic consciousness from which we have “fallen” from so to say. the reality we currently exist in has been infected with a cosmic data virus, a cosmic sludge that has entered into our consciousness system , and has corrupted our higher-dimensional existence, a dimensionality cosmic infection , and our current world is a result of the cosmic infection that has breached its system. Unfortunately we have become so infected by this data virus that we have been given amnesia , the very knowledge of who we are and our existence has been veiled from ourselves, inactivated within our DNA, and within our neural network. Sometimes when individuals go thru physical /spiritual  drama, NDE’s , or various other possibilities seem in some cases to awaken both  inactive Neurons/dendrites , and possibly inactive DNA / genetic coding/memory . This may even be happening simultaneously . 

My name is Ra Castaldo and I was  born with hypersensitivity , born behind the veil as a Caul bearer, also having the umbilical around my neck with caul on face and head still around me. My Mom had an appointment to deliver me , so it wasn’t like her water broke and they went to hospital. it took over 17 hours to deliver me. This some call being born with veil , they call this in Ancient Egypt , the veil or net of Neith , the Cosmic net in the Ship of Life. This Net of Neith , as she fishes her child from the cosmic water is the very first prototype I can find discussing the caul in which some people are actually still enveloped in at birth, wearing like a garment. The Veil , and the Mother Goddess wearing a veil over her head and face is a sign of her Divinity, and in fact originated from several sources one of them being of the Caul birth , how children of the Mother Goddess being born of the Caul , are similar to how the “Avatars” the “gods” were born. The Caul, is a sign of divinity it is the cosmic veil that provides everything for life to thrive and grow inside. It also is a veil of purity. The Queen of Heavens always wear their veil of Purity over head and face and back , even over whole body, to show their mark of purity and divinity and in represent of the Cosmic garment , the Caul. The seat of the outer soul, the glowing membrane which the soul passes thru to anchor itself to the child in the womb. This knowledge is imprinted thru this membrane. When a child is born with this wrapped around his face and head, body etc. Instead of first breathing in the amnesia of this dimension , it is actually embraced within the caul, possibly leaving some sort of imprint or  hyper extra sensitivity to our cosmic origins. Many believe this is why a high percentage of caul births claim to see the dead, have esp, psychic, telepathic,psychic dreams, UFO encounters,  have very high IQ’s , artists and also are highly troubled in many cases because of it.  The Veil Is the symbol of the Virgin Mother , what the Virgin Mary has adopted today, the Immaculate Conception , Isis was symbolized as being the Lotus, the Mary of the Water Lily.  Isis always wears her veil of divinity which no mortal has lifted, and yet she bears the fruit of the New Sun, the Helios. Sekhmet, Isis, Hathor, Neith, Mut, also Innana , Ishtar, Asherah, Anath,  they are the Mother of the Gods, the Queen of the Heavens,  Stars, the Moon, and above all She gives birth from her cosmic womb to Comets, the bringers of life and death, she is the Queen of Comets.  From her Cosmic Womb, she even brings New Suns, New worlds, Seeds new life all over the Galaxy,  even in our Earth Realm.  The Goddess Diana who spins her wheel of life.   The  Isis who spins her cycles of time.   Neith,  was the Virgin Mother , the  Virgo,  which was also what the Church of Notre Dame was actually made as  . A temple of Isis , Portrayed as a Virgin, Carved as a Siren , with the body of a woman and the tail of a fish.

I was both born in the Caul ,  with this cosmic connection , born behind the veil, a caulbearer, a mermaid birth. This does not necessarily mean anything bad or evil, for the child. If the child is actually recognized as having this special sensitivity ,  it in fact is very special and can be nurtured for the greatest good, but it also can be used in negative ways just like anything.  Unfortunately all throughout times , from medicine men to shaman, to priesthoods,to inquisitions , all looked for those born of a caul birth, nowadays its doctors with ties to military projects that are on the payroll that give certain agencies “heads-up” to those born of the caul.  This is what I feel gave me my born hypersensitivity to other planes of existence and the intelligences that reside there.

Than in 1987 and 1988 I had two Near Death experiences that enhanced this hypersensitivity and abilities significantly . I chose to try and run from this afterwards for years, than  between 2001-2003 i had a series of spiritual experiences and encounters that set me on my course of who I really am , why I’ve gone thru what I’ve gone thru and what i should be doing with my Hypersensitivity. It has taken me over  30 years to be able to finally understand a little bit more of how our telepathic abilities work,  interpreting what is being shown without allowing to many human ego distortions. 

Also from  working with copper and crystals I have learned to fine tune my protection, silence my mind of outside chatter  and connection to our Cosmic Consciousness .  The symbol of a Skull and objects that look like skulls , even Crystal skulls have been deliberately programmed for society to associate them with evil, or negativity, doom, or death. Yes, i will agree that when used in certain situations and context a skull can look scary or evil. Especially a skeleton skull of bone because it reminds us of our own mortality. But when it comes to  crystal skulls many for some reason associate them with negativity or doom.  Crystals ,connect to the higher harmonic frequencies of the Energy grid we live within. Harmonic light fields. I have discovered that when crystals are carved into certain shapes it has different outcomes. When they are carved to represent the shape of intelligent humanoid type intelligences, with high brain capacity, I believe it helps our human skull connect to those light fields as well.  The Very shape of a human skull or elongated human skull , has unique cosmic computer type capabilities. 

If you would like me to say a prayer of healing for you or others for free you can send me emails at my email address provided on this website. Send me Name and reason of prayer. I  am also a Reverend with Our Lady and Lord of the Trinacrian Rose Church . I am licensed to  do spiritual Unions , last rites, Cleansing of locations , and cleaning of auras.  Any healing work I do is Free of Charge . This is after a reading/viewing.  If one can not afford a reading but needs   a clearing , prayers , or positive energy sent, of course I will try and get to everyone  and do this free of charge depending on availability . 

For a personal  Psychic reading /viewing ,  or if requested,  a reading using my  Crystal skulls to see what comes up , you can donate below!

You can request me to focus on a certain topic or area, or just an overall viewing to see what comes up! How i work is I will sit with your info and than meditate for a about an hour to see what comes thru. Than I will write down this information and go over it with you over the phone, if not done in person for locals.  I do feel doing things over internet allows to many distortions to possibly come thru. So this is why i prefer the phone over internet. 

This is not astrology , this is not from some app, this is someone using true Inner sight ,psi, kinetic,  psychic energy, a God Given Sensitivity to data that goes mostly unseen to most people. Although some of the information may eerily line up to astrological information, this only goes to prove the validity of both sources, although coming to the conclusion from different techniques. 

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  • $500.00 Donation :  2.5 hours of me a bio energetic reading,  connecting with the cosmic consciousness of you, over several sessions, seeing what comes to me, than going over it with you on the phone for as long as it takes. Also anything discovered in this session that i can help you clear that is possible for me , i will do free of charge, also show you how to do daily grounding etc.  Crystal Skulls can be used if one chooses.
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