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We Our so proud to announce the new Store  now available here below is a display of pictures for some of our items, summaries, and even other special offers we have like : Patreon, The Bio Energetic Shamans Class  , Tee shirts, Tensor Tools / Copper Jewelry , Frequency crystals , specimens and so much more!!!! Once again our new store is here

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Kyanite:  from Deep in Brasil this special rare crystalline mineral maintains the magickal charge encoded within it forever. Kyanite never has to be cleansed and  is very powerful. It assists in meditation, dreamtime , kinetic energy, remote viewing, healing , psychic powers, and most definitely past life experiences.
Ra is a hereditary shaman and knows how to charge and program objects like stones and crystals with a healing vibration!!!! He charges the blood in his body with the healing vibration and intention than transports that into the lungs, than breathes out the intention into the object with a magickal charge. Some shamanistic communities call this the Odic Breath and using the Odic Force. Ra teaches this to his subscribers on his Patreon.

  • The Crystal is called Kyanite. Ra chooses a random piece from the stock and charges it with a healing vibration. Big or small all pieces have a magnetic energy of its own and depending on size some purchases will contain more than one piece.
  • COST : in the United States the price is $30 shipping included Outside USA extra cost for shipping
  • This piece and charge will last forever and is a priceless piece of the Universe, this is one of Kyanite’s main properties (maintaining it’s energy) and why Ra chooses to work with it. Ra also names each crystal and chooses a special colored sage cleansed baggie to send it in. The whole experience is truly magickal.
  • Outside the United states may be more for shipping
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Lemurian Laser Wands

Lemurian Laser Wands all wands

pictured above are very powerful and very rare Lemurian laser points . Ra uses these to make custom Wands for energy work!!! Healing, meditation and all spiritual activity will be boosted !!!These have a different feel than quartz, and extremely powerful, feel the healing sensation and powerful connection to your higher self each time you pick one of these up!!! Ra is a hereditary shaman and knows how to make a very powerful and balanced wand like no one else out there!!!!get your custom Lemurian wand today!!!! Jumbo Wands are $45 shipping included

pictured above are Golden Healer clusters!!!!

Golden Healer Cluster Amulets: price is $35 or two for $50 w/ shipping and special free random gift included

These golden Healer amulet clusters come in a sage bathed golden healer amulet shamans pouch(large size). They contain a healing vibration to help with the greed and materialism infecting society. Balance emotional and physical stress and so much more!!! Very strong !!! carry it with you always in your Golden Healer pouch as a protective and healing amulet! get yours now here!!!!!
see picture below 

Tensor tools

Ra Castaldo’s Custom made tensor tool creations are unlike any other tensor tool on the market!! The copper used is treated with Orgone powered pyramids, and frequency generators set at 432 mhz. Also used is the Odic force/breathe technique to strengthen the healing power of each tool. Ra’s Crux ansata tensor tool is the only one of its kind and custom created idea of Ra. Inspired by the ankh and a mystical experience he had in 2002, it has the loop representing the human head with the arms spread out like an angel, similar to the Coptic cross, but the loop is way more like the human head and inside the loop is the spiral galaxy. No other tensor tool exists like this on the market. Ra is the first that we are aware of that has created this version of the ankh.

These items can help pull emotional and physical pain/stress from the body and can even be used for domesticated pets.

New Item: Atlantean Bracelets / Tensor Field Generator

$90.00 shipping and special crystal included

Tensorfield generator can also be used as a bracelet. Wear the Bracelets of Atlantis , Pure copper , emits energy, can be programmed with Intentions, has a field of influence up to a mile. Heals physically and mentally, energizes food/water, seeds, pets, protects from emf and harmful unseen waves of harmful energies ( 90.00 shipping and crystal included ) checkout here


New Item: Jumbo Ankh “Trumpet of Light edition”

$60.00 Shipping and necklace material included

Jumbo Ankh Is a powerful Spiritual tool, healing device, and psychic connection necklace  $60.00  shipping and necklace material included or easy checkout here
Dream-catcher Spiral out Tensor
$50.00 shipping included
This amazing series a once in a lifetime purchase. Included is a free crystal and pendant material.  Made from the purest  99.99% copper the  Dream-Catcher Spiral Out Tensor is designed for emf protection , improves physical stability, balances emotional issues, clears blockages and relieves pain, elevates energy levels, reduces fatigue, designed to form an energetic force-field that protects your physical body and your energetic layers, designed to protect you in the spiritual realms during dream-time. Ra also uses a frequency generator with orgone pyramids power devices at 432mhz to enhance the power o  $50 Shipping included with crystal and pendant material (outside U.S. shipping may be more) check out at


DayWalker Acu-Vac Spiral DNA Series
$45 shipping included
$50 shipping included W/ crystal and necklace

The Daywalker Acu-Vac Spiral DNA series is 99.9 percent pure copper,Pulls Pain out of Body!!!Protects from harmful frequencies, designed to maintain mental, emotional and physical balance, EMF protection, 5g protection, Ra has specifially designed this to protect and activate your genetic and ancestral memory.  Protects you in the light and the Dark, designed to uses on acupressure points and also amazing when used on sick or injured Pets!!!Balances energy points in body…Get your Daywalker Spiral DNA now. $40 or crystal package is $50 shipping ,crystal and necklace material included. or check out @
Once in a lifetime purchase!!
(shipping  outside U.S.A. may be more)

Crux Ansata Spiral out series
price $45
or crystal package $50.

Crux Ansata Spiral out Tensor Tool is A New One of A kind custom Tensor Spiritual technology

Ra Castaldo has custom designed this one of a kind spiritual technology. Unlike anything available anywhere else. Designed after our own human body , designed to connect us to our higherdimensional brain, eternal spiritual technology that protects both spirit and matter, protects from emf, 5G, aligns physical and spiritual bodies, modeled after spiritual awakening experience, protects body during dream-time, enhances psychic ability, fights mental illness, helps with emotional and physical pain/stress

$45 ($50 with crystal and pendant)

Bio energetic Shamans Class $99

These two classes are action packed with tons of techniques and information associated with Ra’s shamanistic background and his own experiences . Although there’s no crash course in spirituality or shamanism, most people nowadays need to be pointed in the right direction. In order to protect themselves from the dark aspect of the spiritual forces within this holographic Universe. These are the beginner classes for connecting to your Bio-energetic system and ultimately communicating with your higherself. Start a whole new you Today!!!! Every moment can be a new you, a new beginning, a new Genesis….a new creation. That starts right now!! The way Ra breaks down this information is one of a kind, and this is the only place in the world where you can find all of this knowledge in one place.

$99 dollars for over 2.5 hours in two videos of intense shamanistic work!!! Learn visualization, meditation, auric clearing, grounding techniques and so much more!!! Once payment is received you will immediately be sent the two videos via email.



Ra Castaldo now on Patreon with over 1000 exclusive posts including videos, articles, paranormal proof, interviews, and so much more!!! Groundbreaking information now on Patreon

Custom T shirts

this is Ra Castaldo’s first collection of rare t shirts now at teespring . Currently two shirts are available and more will be added soon. The spiral out series shirt as “spiral out” logo on front, and eye of Ra/horus symbol on back. The benandanti collection has Kid sleep comic book pin up as well as astral soldier and dream warrior logo written on front and back.

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