Ralph-Anthony “Ra” Castaldo, literally had a near death experience at birth being born still  in the caul and with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. This is possibly what led to him having a  born sixth sense and hypersensitivity to Harmonic light fields.   He also had a near death experience at 9 years old, that changed his outlook on life and enhanced his already god given hypersensitivity significantly . What he came to find out some years later, was that this experience, was what mystics call a shamanistic initiation.  He can remember his body being taken apart particle by particle and than put back together again. Over the next few weeks after,  his interests started to change, the way he dressed, thought,and approached life was all radically changed. Although he still played sports, and excelled in all of them actually, they were not as important anymore.  Always, enjoying music anyway, he now had a new understanding of it, the way he heard it was even completely different, being able to hear all the different parts of it separately.  A new fond interest in the cosmos, this is when he really began to be aware of his hereditary lineage, invisible forces, the other realms, and the intelligences that reside there.   Ra, went thru many troubled years, at first being frightened and shocked to the core from what he felt was just his madness.  At first, he did what many do when this happens, and tried to drown it out by numbing his mind and body with drugs and lies.   Finally finding solace in his music, martial arts, and his caul-bearer roots he was able to climb out of that downward spiral and for the last 15 years he has accomplished a lot, ,a dad, a coach,a radio host, a dedicated Author, researcher and mystic, published poet,songwriter,and all around creator.  After his NDE  Ra , began to have many spiritual experiences and hypersensitivity to  the  higher-dimensional Bio energy grid, harmonic light fields that surround us.    Thru these  experiences and communications , Ra, had contact with other cosmic intelligences , telepathic , holographic, with Lion/Leonine / Feline characteristics,   what he calls the “Fiela. ”   These are feline type humanoid beings that are highly intelligent,psychic, telepathic , we can even call them Angelic forces  and they exist within the cosmic consciousness .  He has come to understand, his communications , and the beings communicated with , are actually parts of his own higher self existence and his own cosmic journey. We can even look at it like fragments or fractals of our own cosmic existence coming from the future to exchange data with us.  Some here to help guide us and other fallen angelic forces here to try and rule as gods and deceive us.   Some say they were some of the first races on Earth.   Related to places like Lemuria, Atlantis etc. etc.   Even the Supreme Being and Sun God Ra And His Lioness Mother / Queen ,  Queen of  the Gods,  Sekhmet of Ancient Egypt had offspring like Shu and Tefnu  which were described  as Lion Gods.   Even Ancient Persia ,also  Mithra-ism depicted the rock born God Mithra, as having a human body with lions head.  Mr. Castaldo  has come to find these communications are accelerating and taking place on our Planet because of the transformation period that we are currently in.  Its a very crucial time we are in, and most things around us are not what they seem from appearance.   Sometimes throughout history some they called witches , whom some would even have a pet cat they would call a familiar or magical pet cat. On rare occasions these Ancient ones can veil themselves as a pet or any type of creature. In Fact, we can look at the  felines on this Planet as the “fallen state” version of some of these Higher intelligences.   Ra feels that we all are living in a simulated multidimensional  experience and we have been pushed into matter on this physical plane to balance duality.  We have all agreed, volunteered,  to be here in this material world for a certain time-coded reason.   He has come to find these intelligences , in our solar system, currently, beam us data telepathically, and cosmic impulses of data, Cometary(Comets) messengers  , bacteria’s carrying genetic information,  from certain Mega-structures that exist in  what we call the Kuiper belt, and also from the Oort cloud,  which will be discussed further later on.   

Some say these Ancient ones come from Plamets that existed or exist around star systems / Suns ,  like Sirius, Orion, Pleiades , Lyra,  Vega etc.  That their home land was destroyed and may have been involved in battles with  Annunaki (Mesopotamia)/the Naga (India/Hindu/Vedic)/Dragon gods (China),and so on.   Forced to flee to Vega and than other star systems…eventually finding Mars which was than destroyed as well . Than  finally , Earth .    Earth ,  with the first colony being in Ancient Mu or Lemuria.    One can see the connection of Mars and Earth’s ancient Egypt with legends of these Felines.  In fact, many don’t even realize some translate Cairo to mean Camp of Mars. This feline race ,  love the arts, MUSIC, leisure,beautiful scenery and especially technology that involves spirituality. Although they  speak to us telepathically, As Ra describes , “Its a Knowing”, they look you in your eyes and than you know.  They don’t speak like us, they speak in symbols, imagery, telepathic streams of data that are very powerful and can activate inactive neurons , inactive DNA and  higher consciousness. They love and are connected  to our Earth music, especially certain bells and flutes ,they  do they follow what our media goes by as whats popular music. They like to watch certain musicians and artists in our world, without them knowing until time is right!!!!They especially love music and art with high intense emotion and feeling in it.  They get a high ecstasy feeling from very intense creative vibes.  Ra has come to find out he is one of these musicians,and in 2002 he actually saw one in real 3d life!  Most people  will never see one in this physical reality, even many that experience them telepathically still won’t,  they can only appear in physical form for short periods of time , because the Harmonic frequency on our Planet has become so violent for them. Each day it gets worse and worse.   Since than he has had dreams and astral visits from time to time from this ancient race.   At about the same time as his NDE as a child,  Ra began having UFO / off world encounters as well as being called by the power of the Crystal Skulls ,  Ancient Sacred Sites, Megalithic sites.  He was shown how sound, healing, harmonic resonant frequency, telepathy, and megalithic sites were all intimately linked to one another.  He became dedicated to unveiling the truth about this information.   These places and objects can help bring our consciousness to be able to hear the call of God, the harmony of the Universe , and the Intelligences  that transmit data along those Harmonic light fields.     Somehow an inner knowing came over him,  he just knew that the Felines , Angels, UFO’s, Megalithic/Sacred sites and his musical/creative energy were all intimately connected.  What Ra Castaldo has come to understand that these experiences were in fact , him connecting to fractal, fragments of his own Cosmic Journey, that these beings are actually fragments of his own cosmic memory , and existence,  all happening simultaneously.  Not all of our Cosmic path has been pretty , so understand, that Yes, some of these encounters and telepathic visits can be a beautiful experience , but one must always keep their protection up and have awareness  of what and who they are experiencing, because there are trickster type entities that exist and they can replicate any and all spiritual encounters within the eternal memory database inside the living library of our Planetary system.   Don’t let the beauty fool you there may be hidden agendas of these experiences  and one  should be apprehensive about any and all encounters. One should be able to discern between tricksters and Guardians. That’s why it is crucial for one to stay grounded. 

Thru these communications Mr. Castaldo has learned that Telepathic transmissions are being sent out from what we call the Kuiper Belt and even from similar intelligences that have Super structures rotating within the Oort Cloud , at the edges of our Solar System. There is also a Super intelligence , mini planet like Structure rotating within the Kuiper Belt, NASA is aware of this and has named it Arawn, Arawn is the literal Welsh God of Doom!   This super intelligence is programming comets with virus/bacteria/DNA, seeding worlds and has various other genetic harvests being carried out , and all sorts of various pods of living systems within it.  It is  a super Quantum galactic intelligence , a rotating spaceship , on Ra’s new Patreon platform called the quasar network he has been revealing specific details about this.  We as a species have been corrupted with a Cosmic Data Virus, only through contact with our higher-dimensional roots can we pull our self back up thru the cosmic slime to a harmonic evolution once again. 

 When first experiencing these telepathic communications it took place when he was younger. While writing music in his room,  sometimes all of a sudden,  he would feel like he was  performing for a group of unseen/ invisible beings, like he’s on a galactic stage playing for a council of invisible judges, while  he was just alone at home.   Ra has come to find out this is when they were telepathically viewing and communicating with his Bio energetic system.  He has discovered they get drawn to the spiritual energy certain artists emit from their Bio-system, light body energy, harmonic resonance frequency.  They celebrate true art emotion and  rejoice with each other while listening and receiving the emotional pure raw vibes from the artist.  When he first realized contact was made, in fact,  he heard telepathic cheering by a council of people !   It may be hard to accept or read something like this, trust me,  it is not crazy, you can look at many ancient civilizations, including Ancient Egypt , they all have had experiences with these beings. So here is what these “Fiela” see when they come to hear him play!!! These are the live writing sessions of Ra , all music and lyrics are his own and some songs are being made up right on the spot while recording..Ra’s music has played a big part in his own healing, and oversoul work. Hopefully you get the same! blessed be and enjoy fiela THE EVENT ~ THE LYRAN JOURNEY TO EARTH! | Lion art, Animal art ...

Above is recent live freestyle clip of Ra Castaldo playing new song Nocturnal Ra-mishun  and below  is a short clip from the song called   “Color biscuit.” 

Color Biscuit This is a little sample of Ra’s song color biscuit

Songs from Ra’s upcoming ep called “Fingerprints of Sleep”

coming soon  Ra will be recording  his new song Pythonissa

So, lets continue with more information and some powerful interesting research, related to Ra’s many experiences and findings connected to Felines, Ancient Sacred sites and the power of Crystal skulls.

Megalithic Secrets, Advanced Ancient Civilizations, Crystal Skulls, Healing Chambers of Sekhmet

Sphinx of New York State / Healing Chambers Of Sekhmet
This above photo was taken by Ra Castaldo in North Salem, New York spring of 2018.  Geologists tried to at first label this a glacial erratic, saying the ice age and Nature some how did this. At least, now they admit it is an Ancient Dolmen,  called the Balanced rock. Ra has called  this Megalithic secret and amazing mystery the "Sphinx of New York".  Also it spoke to him calling itself  " The Healing Chambers of Sekhmet" 
Made out of Rose/Pink Granite which is not from anywhere near this site, this 60 to 100  ton stone is literally  balancing on a few smaller stones and is truly one of the great wonders of North America .   Most people drive past this everyday like it doesn't even exist, not knowing the true power of this site!!! Clearly the stone , from one side resembles the feline head of a lion/Cat humanoid type Giant Skull! Also the Feline Head seems to be wearing an Egyptian, Etruscan or even Nubian type Headdress, like the Pharaohs and Gods would wear of Ancient Egypt . As the Feline Goddess Sekhmet would wear.
 Ra,  is  a world renown psychic and  very much intrigued by this location and stone in many ways.  There's an electromagnetic energetic vortex here and you can feel the electromagnetic charge of the place.   Ra has both photographed and seen plasmic "light balls" or "orbs" at this site.   He feels Red/ Pink/Rose Granite was once alive and real  flesh or organ.  So it may have been molded to have the feline features and shape  before hardened, had all the metal taken out,  with a technology now lost to time.  Red Granite has  an extremely high content of quartz crystal and has no free metals in it.  Its even possible according to certain visions Ra Castaldo has had, that the Ancient Egyptian Obelisks of Red/Pink Granite were molded while still soft like clay , cut into shape and engraved right at certain locations.  Most believe the red granite obelisks and all Granite from Ancient Egypt  was quarried from hundreds of miles away at the Aswan Quarry.  They do have an unfinished Obelisk at this Aswan Quarry , but also a mysterious ditch that goes all the way around it , this ditch could be where the technology that molded and cut the obelisk was once put.   So lets get back to this Megalithic Masterpiece,  Ra feels   this stone was once literally biological and alive.   This piece of Red/pink  granite may have possibly  been a  real live giant Heart or other body part at one time , that was molded to look  like the Giant being this heart/body part once belonged to.  In Fact, all of red granite, he feels was once alive real flesh or organ.    Ra  knows for some of you this may be hard to hear,  but what he knows for sure is   there's  Ancient important  information laying dormant inside this stone and it contains high technology , waiting to be activated.  This stone is technology and  is  here waiting for this coming shift on our Planet.  Also, this Megalithic Dolmen is basically a multi-dimensional anchor of energy, an energetic vortex,  and was placed on a specific power spot on our ley line/ harmonic energy  grid that contains a magnetic anomaly .  In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg or glacial erratic so to say,  when discussing some of the discoveries Ra has made about this megalithic secret.  Ra has come to find out this site is actually an Ancient healing and water memory chamber. Laying beneath this site is like laying inside a healing chamber, it almost feels like going in for a "catscan' and its also the Cat stone, pun intended, hahaha....From both telepathic communication and from dowsing , Ra has found out there's underground water streams and underground caverns/chambers beneath this Dolmen.  Seeds can be charged here to have remarkable agricultural benefits , as they experience amazing results with extremely enhanced growth.  These are the  "Healing Chambers Of Sekhmet"  Sekhmet is the Ancient Egyptian  Feline goddess, known as "the Mighty One" seen as a warrior goddess, The Mother of Gods, Queen of the Heavens,  the Fierce side of the Goddess Hathor,the eye of Ra,   who can both bring plagues and can have powerful healing technology. She can become the" Eye of Ra" and destroy Humanity or she can heal humanity thru harmonic resonance and sound vibrational healing through  her Sekhem  call, staff and healing temple chambers.  Ra will be posting more information about this very soon . He has done a few articles and videos about this site on his patreon and Youtube.  Felines, Sacred sites, megalithic dolmens, and crystal skulls all intimately connect at this site!  In fact, Ra Castaldo might be the only person who has ever placed a crystal skull inside the stone bowl that is beneath and a part of this Ancient Dolmen.  He now knows it was part of his destiny and souls purpose to place that skull there at the very time-coded moment he did!   Its part of his birthright as a shaman and protector of Crystal skulls.  Thru working with the crystal skull that he placed inside the ritual bowl at this site ( please see below) , he received a telepathic communication , a knowing came over him  saying " instead of the sphinx of NY,  its more like  the healing chambers of Sekhmet ."   
Sphinx of New York/ North Salem, N.Y./ Balanced Rock/ Healing Chambers of Sekhmet

above photo “Sphinx of N.Y.” / ” Healing Chambers of Sekhmet” taken by Ra Castaldo on 11/11/19 @ 11:11 am

light codes / plasmic energy

taken on 11/11/19
taken 11/11/19

Above pic taken in spring of 2018 by Ra Castaldo,

Above picture is so powerful ,taken in spring of 2018 by Ra Castaldo. This photo shows the carved stone bowl that is on one of the ancient stones beneath this Megalithic wonder. Amazingly one of Ra’s crystal skulls seemed to lock into place when he placed it inside . At that very moment Ra began to see holographic light codes, inside his mind and in physical reality for a split second . Everything went white. with holographic symbols and encoding flooding his mind. Ra has come to find out ancient knowledge was downloaded into him and his crystal skull memory at this time.

above photo taken during winter solstice 2019 by Ra Castaldo , powerful alignment
above pic taken spring 2018 by Ra Castaldo showing why some call it the “balanced rock” from behind and the possible “heart” shape. Notice how its balancing and barely touching the corner of the smaller rocks beneath

other back angle shot where you can see the possible “heart” shape
this photo taken by friend and fellow megalithic researcher Jim Viera, showing the beautiful Pink granite this stone is made of

Healing Chambers Of Sekhmet / Atlantean Firestone

Sekhmet and the Connection to North Salem Balanced Rock: Not only does this massive 60 to 100 ton megalith have the head that looks like a Feline Humanoid Goddess wearing a Pharaoh like headdress but it is also made out of Rare and powerful Rose / Pink Granite just like the Obelisks of Ancient Egypt and the Aswan quarry but also the fact its Red Granite. Sekhmet is known as “the Mighty One” and the Feline Goddess who bears ” Red”. This is no coincidence , here is a quote from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Sekhmet, thou mistress of the gods, thou bearer of wings,
thou lady of the red apparel, queen of the crowns of the South and the North

— Egyptian Book of the Dead, c.1550 BCE

Sekhmet the Goddess of Destruction and also Healing!!

Temples were dedicated to Sekhmet and her healing technology. She is  Known as the Great One of Healing and Lady of Transformations. Sekhmet’s temple is where sick people came for help. Her magician priests were skilled in anatomy, surgery and herbs, as well as sound and vibrational healing.  Harmonic Resonance healing system, for healing of the physical and light body. This system was called Sekhem.


Sekhem is an ancient sacred healing system practiced in Ancient Egypt. Recently rediscovered over the last few hundred years , it connects to what was Goddess Sekhmet’s or Sekhem energy.  Sekhem literally means having spiritual might or authority, meaning literal Spiritual Power! or Spiritual Technology !

Sekhem Scepter and Scalar Energy

The Sekhem Scepter is known as one of the most powerful of Ancient Egyptian symbols and technology! Ancient Sages and powerful Temple Priests have passed down various myths / history describing the powers of the Sekhem energy and Sekhem scepter. Is Sekhem energy and Scalar energy the same?? I would say yes! Sekhem scepters said to help restore the Ma’at or harmonic balance to objects, both animate and inanimate as well as the harmony between earth energies and galaxies. This scepter is associated with many other gods of the Pantheon like Ptah, Horus, Set, Anubis, Ra and of course Sekhmet, ” The All Mighty One ” Sekhem energy being where her name is actually derived from. The Sekhem staff/ scepter is almost always associated with mortuary rituals and is said to be technology that can resurrect the dead!! Through harmonic sound vibrational healing frequencies that can even heal decaying cells and restore life to the non living !!!! Also this technology is said to be able to bring a body to a higher-dimensional existence from 3d to 4 or 5d and beyond !

The Sekhem-scepter, from the Tomb of Tutankhamun (sheet gold with ...
Sekhem Scepter
Sekhmet, Sekhet, Sakhet, Sachmis - 22"x15" - Poster Print Egyptian ...
Sekhmet with Sekhem Scepter and Ankh with Solar disc with Uraeus over head or Uraeus also possible Comet as Cosmic Serpent with Cometary Tail

Figurine of a Lion Headed Deity Holding Knife LACMA M.80.203.107 (1 of 2).jpg
Maahes with head of a lion wearing an atef crown and uraeus and holding a knife

Maahes is said to be the Lion god, son of Sekhmet

Sirius Star System Connection

So many connections and myths lead to connections between the Gods of ancient Egypt and the Sirius Star System. Sirius being the ” Dog Star” and also having many connections to the Jackal Headed lord of the Underworld / (Rosetau) Anubis . Sekhmet is said to be the consort of both Ra and also Ptah, the creator God of Memphis and both were said to be present at the moment of creation. Some say these Lion Beings originate from Star Sirius A, a blue-white star in the constellation of Canis Major . Sekhmet being the one who can create the Ma’at, which upholds harmonic and cosmic laws and many believe that her husband, the God Ptah, in his creator aspect, originates from the Sirius Star System. Ptah, meaning the one who comes from the sky waters. Credo Mutwa , African Shaman who recently passed away, talked about an Ancient Race of Lion humanoids and an Ancient race of ” Blue Eyed, Highly Intelligent, White Lions” in South Africa. According to legends they appeared in the far past in what is the area of Timbavati, Africa, after a meteorite came crashing down. They are unique to that specific southern part of Africa. They represent a genetic rarity, they have star like shiny blue eyes. Credo mentioned, that one of the oldest and wisest star-tribes in Africa have memories of a mysterious country with enormous pointy square mountains. A country , whose God/King had the body of a human and the head of a lion. The tribes say that their ancestors originated from this mysterious land of the Gods, who themselves originated from a planet associated with the binary sun system Sirius.  The Ancient tribes of Africa like the Dogon, had connections to Sirius as well as knowing about Sirius B (Digitaria), and possibly a “Sirius C”, Sirius B is unseen in the night sky , a white dwarf, information that academia still today cannot understand how they obtained. See more about the Sirius Star system and the Lion’s Gate of August below .

Quenching a thirst for lion bones | Rare animals, Albino lion ...
Gallery | Alien art, Lion art, Visionary art
Healing Chambers of Sekhmet , photos credited to Ralph-Anthony “Ra” Castaldo ,

Lion’s Gate 2018, some of these photos were taken during two visits in August. August 8th and August 17th. During and after the Lion’s gate natural Cosmic Star-gate . The Lion’s gate , is a natural Universal Star-gate that’s always been operational and functional , but on certain years strong Cosmic energies/ Cosmic DNA/Cosmic Viruses can be channeled and activated. In the last several decades there’s been a few powerful Lion Gate openings. August 8th of 1991 , and now 30 years later August 8th of 2021 is another powerful Lion’s Gate. Lion’s Gate, takes place every Summer , starting in late July to about mid August, peaking on August 8th. This is when the Sirius star system rises and aligns with Earth Energies. Even the rising of the Ancient Nile River in Egypt was associated with the star system Sirius. Known as the home of Isis and various other Egyptian Gods/Goddesses. Even in the Ancient area of Mesopotamia , and the Levant we have a country called “Syria” with obvious connections with the same Sirius . It goes much deeper tho, Ancient Goddesses from Syrian history are also very much associated with the Sirius Star System. The Ancient Deity, Atargatis , was described as a Fish/Human hybrid, the mother of mermaids, the mother of Semiramis , who was the mother of giants, legend has it that she fell to Earth or landed on Earth , in an Egg shaped pod , landing in a sacred river in Syria. The legend states that she came from a planet associated with the Sirius Star System. One can only speculate that this is most likely the reason that Syria was given its name, being that the Gods who were seen as the founders and rulers of this area originated from Sirius.
Inner Sanctum Sekhmet temple at Karnak
Uninscribed statue of Sekhmet in the Migdol, entrance of the Temple of Millions of Years of Ramses III, Medinet Habu. The reliefs behind the statue show Ramses III offering maat to Ptah and Sekhmet.
Photo: Simon Connor
Sekhmet statues in Medinet Habu and in Mut’s temple, Karnak
Photo: Simon Connor
Statues of Sekhmet in Mut’s temple.
Photo: Simon Connor
Louvre Museum - Statue of the goddess Sekhmet | Sekhmet, Ancient ...
Louvre Museum – Statue of the goddess Sekhmet
Sekhmet.: Above is picture of a colossal seated statue representing the warrior goddess of plagues and healing Sekhmet, “the powerful”. Mane and hair meld together harmoniously beneath the solar disk and uraeus-cobra. A carved inscription on the front of the seat refers to “Amenophis III, beloved of the goddess”
North Salem, N.Y. , Balanced rock / Healing Chambers Of Sekhmet, photo by Ra Castaldo

Megalithic and Energetic Surge of Dawn

At this Megalithic site in North Salem N.Y. an amazing technology was literally installed here thousands of years ago, which had to be by an Ancient Advanced Civilization . Others have done tests here and have found inside the chamber of this dolmen exists a massive magnetic anomaly , and at dawn there’s a huge electromagnetic surge of electrons that takes place , this can be measured with scientific equipment and is not esoteric at all. Ancient Egyptians incorporated this same technology and knowledge within the construction of their Obelisks as well, the “flash of Dawn”, the very moment of sunrise, as the sun first peaks over the horizon there’s a flash of light, a beam, hitting the top of the obelisk which was made of shiny metal like gold, lighting it up, making it appear to be glowing , this being the most powerful of times !! The part that many will say is esoteric about this, is that Ralph-Anthony “Ra” Castaldo, feels that at the moment of dawn where this Surge takes place, is where powerful light codes and higher dimensional information can be accessed from the Sun. Most likely this ” Dawn Surge” exists at many other dolmens and megalithic sites.

Here is the readings of the magnetic anomaly at North Salem N.Y balanced rock/ Sphinx of N.Y/ healing chambers of Sekhmet
Map is credited to the late author John Burke and Dr Bruce Cornet who did the measurements amd testing. I got permission to use this photo from Kaj Halberg, who was editor and co author with John , on their book Seed of knowledge, Stone of Plenty. Which is now rare and out of print.
Light balls / plasmic orbs @ balanced rock
Photo by John Burke ( Balanced Rock is atop a few upright quartz slabs, directly above a 400-gamma magnetic anomaly. From the spot in the ground directly below the huge boulder, geomagnetic readings rise sharply in all directions. )
Ra Castaldo with Crystal skull at site between 8/8/20 (Lion’s Gate) – 8/17/20
Labradorite crystal skull in ritual bowl underneath megalithic dolmen
“Rainbow tubes of light” photo taken by Ra Castaldo on 8-17-20

this amazing above photo was taken by Ra Castaldo on his recent August 17th 2020 investigation. The whole day turned out to be one big spiritual event with obstacles to overcome and all!!! Ra was using dowsing tools, electromagnetic field testers, powered orgone pyramid devices with frequency generators, copper tensor tools, and Crystal skulls at this site . This remarkable photo was able to capture two amazing arched rainbow light tubes, coming out of the ground going from front to back of dolmen!

Rainbow tubes of Light 8/17/20
Healing Chambers of Sekhmet / North Salem,N.Y. Balanced Rock, – photo taken by Ra Castaldo on 8-17-20

back angle of Balanced rock, healing chambers Sekhmet, photo taken by Ra Castaldo on

another angle of one Cool Cat ! Balanced rock, North Salem NY, Healing chambers of Sekhmet -photo taken by Ra Castaldo on 8-17-20

Winter Solstice, December 21st 2020, Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

Healing Chambers of Sekhmet / Balanced Rock, North Salem, N.Y. 12/21/20
above picture is from Winter Solstice 12/21/20 about 3pm , this special winter solstice in 2020 was also known as the “Great Conjunction” , the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction . On This day Jupiter and Saturn appeared closest together in the night sky in the last 400 years, also special solar alignments took place with the very top of this Megalithic Dolmen , at about 1:30pm eastern time here in N.Y. which was the exact time of the closest moment of the Great Conjunction! These pics below will show some of the amazing Solar phenomena that took place @ that time. photo taken by Ra Castaldo
Ra Castaldo on site 12/21/20 Great Conjunction Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice 12/21/20 Great Conjunction , 1:30pm eastern, notice the Spiral “9” Rainbow Solar Alignment with the very top of the Stone, or “Pineal ” of the Cat Stone head. At exactly the moment of the actual alignments peak! Truly amazing ! photo credited to Ra Castaldo
Healing Chambers of Sekhmet , Sphinx of N.Y., Balanced rock, North Salem, N.Y. 12/21/20 photo credited to Ra Castaldo
Image preview
12/21/20 photo credited to Ra Castaldo