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Spiral radio episode breakdown:
1) 8/19/16 Lori Bruno  our first show : with Hereditary high Priestess Strega Lori Bruno who you can find at this website


She is a descendant of Girodano Bruno ,and comes from a long line of dream prophets,
you can get a reading from Lori or do some amazing shopping at her store magika in Salem,Mass. or order on the website thats provided above. In this show Ra and Lori discuss soo much, Her Strega lineage,Aradia,Dr Leo Louis Martello,Cern,Edgar Cayce, Drug Addiction,her store magika,and much more! Lori casts a spell of love and hope as both her and Ra go deep down the mystical spiral… first episode of Spiral Radio w/Lori Bruno listen here:

Spiral Radio is a brand new show on the Para x radio network its every friday night at 8pm est. This is a show about all things paranormal, aliens, spirits,cryptids,religion,shamanism,NDE,conspiracy,healthy living, free energy,clairvoyant,astral realms,and soooooooo much more. Ra’s goal on spiral radio is to help awaken society and one  friday of every month is Fallen Angel Friday!!!!! This is where Ra and his special guest will b discussing the in depth topic of the fallen angels, which he feels is a very broad topic including: the watchers,nephillim,seraphim,elohim,reptilians,archons and more. Spiral radio is also about musical healing. Ra is a gifted songwriter and musician, having a near death experience when he was young. He awakened with a new awareness and gift of prophecy thru music. Each and every show Ra hand pics the song played for his break at the bottom of the hour, all songs he feels go along with the theme of the show,and are very well written creative tunes. Join us in the chat room every friday evening 8pm est here:
bands featured so far: Analog Driver, Far Radio Clouds, Bring the Dawn, Nocturnal Awareness. Join us every friday 8pm est.!!!!!!until than…..Spiral Out


2) 8/26/16 Ra Castaldo Here is the second episode called fallen angel friday. Originally, James Bartley, who is a 25 year expert researcher and abductee, was supposed to b the guest, and he was there, but sum strange interference took place making James unable to connect to skype or use his phone. So Ra did Fallen Angel friday off the cuff by himself and all turned out well!!James will b back another time u can find him at
2nd episode listen here


3) 9/02/16  Masaki Miyagawa Third show: With Masaki Miyagawa: we go over Orgone Pyramids, Masaki’s interesting heritage and life,an interesting numerology reading he did on Putin,and I go over an oracle reading I did on Masaki as well u can find Masaki and his special one of a kind orgone pyramids at 
third episode w/Masaki  listen here :


4) 9/9/16 Eve Lorgen     4th episode with Eve Lorgen, who has written books like the alien love bite and the dark side of cupid, we talk of the alien love bite, interdimensional/hyperdimensional vampires, archons, Channelers,Sedona,sum interesting cases and articles shes working on and even how the Scully character from x-files may have been created partly from Evie’s life !! cant wait to have her on again. We had a good response from chat room and after show Ra received several emails on this website saying they enjoyed the show, and wanted to know where they could here the replay so we’re posting it now tonight !!!! To find Evie Lorgen her website is Find out if u have been bitten by the alien love bite 4th episode w/Eve Lorgen listen here:


5) 9/16/16  Tim Beckley   Our 5th episode with guest Tim Beckley, Mr.Ufo himself. Tim has been on tv shows like ufo hunters, dozens of radio shows,written and published 100s of books and has had many interesting paranormal experiences himself. We talk about a few of these events and of how Tim got started as a Ufologist at a very young age. After a quick break where Ra plays a song he recorded and wrote back in 2004 that Tim ,who is a fellow musician himself, was really blown away by. We than get right back into the paranormal when Ra reveals info to Tim about a psychic vision he had concerning the Mothman sightings of Point Pleasant, West Virginia…they get into a really interesting discussion about this and discover all the synchronization taking place. Once again the hour goes by sooo fast that we will have Tim another time ,so we can go deep down the spiral some more..enjoy… 5th episode Tim Beckley listen here:


6) 9/23/16 Rich West
Our 6th episode with guest Richard West was another soul shocking show that will help awaken us all to the battles we face along this spiritual journey. We go deep down the spiral of the archons,o.b.e.’s and soul contracts. The Archons , a term used in the Gnostics writings to explain these parasitic interdimensional beings that arose in early formation of the universe,before Earth was born. Found in clay jars in Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945, the significance of the finding wasn’t until 1947. These writings explained what life was like back 2000 yrs ago when the Gnostics were powerful seers and clairvoyants. They speak how these archons were planetary rulers and guardians of the spiritual plane and eventually found Earth and feed on us humans energy and life force, manipulating our mental state,affect our minds thru conditioning mind programming techniques and give us a spiritual and intellectual virus. They are predatory and can manifest in this 3d reality as two common types. One, being a giant 8 foot Draco reptoid type, and another is an amoeba like parasite that can enter your brain. Rich and Ra discuss these beings and soul contracts that humans r tricked into (prior to this incarnation) with these entities. Also Rich talks of his soul contract revoke boot camp class he set up,and bout sum out of body experiences he’s had. You can find Rich at    sixth episode w/Rich West listen here:


7) 9/30/16 Masaki Miyagawa (Fallen Angel Friday)
Our 7th episode is another Fallen Angel Friday where we go deep down the never ending topic of the fallen,nephillim,reptilians,elohim,seraphim etc….With my very special guest Masaki Miyagawa from Masaki is an expert numerologist,and has developed his very own unique brand of orgone pyramids. He is descended from a 400 year old bloodline of buddhist priests. We cover the annunaki,occult symbols,bloodlines (Rh neg),fallen angels/watchers,enki/enlil,clown sightings,kabbalah,statue of liberty,nephillim/red hair giants and more!!!Fallen angel friday is the last friday of every month where we go over the paranormal side of our existence listen 7th episode Masaki Miyagawa here:


8) 10/07/16 Solaris Blueraven
Our 8th episode was another show filled with soul awakening topics, and an amazing guest. This weeks guest was none other than Solaris BlueRaven. She is a gifted psychic, a published author,martial artist, film maker, speaker,healer,and does spectacular readings. She has had several books published, the most recent being “A million miles to midnight.” Solaris has had a very difficult yet intriguing life. We discuss how in 2004 she had a life threatening experience with the popular Canadian rock band Rush. If you want the story you gotta listen to the episode or even better go get her books. It involves the band using her psychic abilities combined with weaponized covert technology to mind program and create super soldier like psychics. We also talk about Cern, Darpa,Killer clown sightings and the way society is starting to awaken from the slumber one by one. Subject than goes back to covert technology and how Hollywood is using occult symbols to help program society. This involves mind programming and ancient rituals. Also discuss how satanists may b the ones pulling the strings behind this weaponized technology. See project blue beam for further knowledge. Also if this interests you research MK ultra, Montauk project etc. You can find Solaris at Ra is going to b a guest on her show Witching hour on sat. Oct. 15th midnight on the full moon. Solaris is also the host of another show called Hyperspace which he will b a guest on some time in February.
Eigth episode w/Solaris Blueraven listen here:


9) 10/14/16 Peter Moon
Our 9th episode was another great find by our host Ra. He has been researching tonights guest Peter Moon’s work and reading his books for many years. Peter Moon who you can find at has been mostly known for his series of books and work in the Montauk Project,time travel, and most recently the Romanian hall of records. We cover soooo much including Peter’s interesting life and the 12 yrs he spent in Scientology and studying both the work of Aleister Crowley and L Ron Hubbard. We talk of Peter’s own saturns return and how he started to follow the spiritual path. Also the mysterious area of Montauk point, the Montauk Native Americans, pyramids of Montauk, connections to Egypt, and the strange activity that takes place at the old Camp Hero base and surrounding areas. Talk of if they were using Reich technology at Brookhaven labs,and how he came to meet Preston Nichols and involved with Montauk. Talks of the Mystery of our DNA, if we inherit trauma as well as other traits. We also speak of how ancient stones and relics can accumulate mysterious energy over the years from prayers,worship,etc. The purpose of the experiments at Montauk, the Montauk Chair, the Dna and lines of Dna involved to create a moonchild.
Peter has so much knowledge its amazing we could go on for hours, so he agreed to come back on in the near future. Listen to the episode below to hear the great time we had!!!The song on break was called Jail Card by our good friend Ricky at Analog Driver. the song at the end of show as we fade out is by the host Ra and his project Bring the Dawn,song title is Pullover Smiles. Ninth episode w/Peter Moon listen here:


10) 10/21/16 Christopher Garetano
Our 10th episode of the Mystical Spiral Radio was another action packed evening with some of the best paranormal discussions from here to the Kuiper belt. Our guest was award winning film director and creator Christopher Garetano. He has won several awards for his docufilm Montauk Chronicles. Ra and Christopher go deep down the spiral of the dark tales of the Montauk project. How possibly military and off world beings were abducting runaways,drug addicts ,outcasts that they thought no one would miss and doing brutal mind control experiments on them. This involved taking people, specifically males (Montauk Boys) against there will and subjecting them to mind control tortures with the ultimate goal being to push the individuals mind to the point it cant handle any more than it fractures and splits. From that point the mind is easily programmed, and a symbol or trigger is implanted to later b activated at a later time. Creating like a weaponized human mind controlled soldier. A manchurian candidate. This was done on a technology possibly back engineered from extra-terrestrials called the montauk chair. Discussion also goes into certain people that were connected to Montauk, who were also in the Montauk Chronicles film as well. Alfred Bielek,Preston Nichols, and Stewart Swerdlow. Time went by so fast that they really didn’t get a chance to discuss all three of the men,but u will have to listen to the episode to hear what was discussed. Very interesting and Christopher was such a great guest that Ra for sure is going to have him back on real soon so they can finish there discussion. The chat room was full of listeners who really enjoyed the energy of the interview and the vibe of both Ra and Christopher. They also talk about Christopher’s childhood obsession with making paranormal and horror makeup /films and how he always had a special feel and eye for the paranormal. Also of some new projects he is working on including a film about Bigfoot! Ra may even be collaborating in the future with Christopher on some projects,creating soundtracks on break is called Seratonin by Analog Driver….outro song Pullover Smiles .You do not wanna miss this great episode!!!!you can find Christopher Garetano at

listen to Tenth episode w/Christopher Garetano here:


11) 10/28/16 Stephen Popiotek (Fallen Angel Friday)
It was a beautiful Crescent moon in libra for this months edition of Fallen Angel Friday with our special guest cosmic Shaman Stephen Popiotek. Stephen website is where you can find all upcoming events and meditations that he facilitates at the ancient Egyptian obelisk in Central Park, NYC that some call Cleopatra’s Needle.Its Fallen Angel friday which is the last friday of every month. Ra has been looking far and wide for the most unique,interesting,and exciting guests each week so he can provide and entertaining yet educational show for everyone. This week he doesn’t disappoint. Ra and Stephen go deep down the spiral of covert technology,mystical visions, parallel universes, Kabbalah and more. They talk of the positive and negative forces among the Orion groups. How Orion group is about conquer and dominance, that they might even have been the ones to hand Moses the 10 commandments. In order to establish an elite class to worship and serve, with laws to obey. There may even be a council looking out for the Earth that resides in the 8th octave dimension of Saturn that we see in our 3rd dimension as the rings….They than discuss the ancient Egyptian god Set and how giant red and black spiders can be a calling card for this dark entity. They just start scratching the surface of Stephens interesting life and the hour went by soo fast that Ra and Stephen agreed to do a series of shows eventually. The song on break was called Realms by one of our favorite Spiral Radio bands, Analog Driver, and outro Pullover Smiles composed and performed by our host Ra. Spiral out

Listen to 11th episode w/Stephen Popiotek here:


12) 11/4/16 Bret Oldham

The waxing crescent moon was in Sagittarius last night as Ra and his guest Bret Oldham went deep down the spiral of alien abductions!!! Bret Oldham is an amazon best selling author of two books, Ghost stories of Las Vegas, and his most recent Children of the Greys! Bret first started being abducted at the tender age of 5 years old. Feeling from that age like he didnt fit in or belong on this planet, his starseed origins already began to break its way thru his consciousness. It seems like in most cases the Greys tend to suppress these traumatic experiences in order to preserve the mental state of there subject. Healing the abductee at times for there own personal benefits, keeping a healthy subject is pertinent for there mission. Bret than discusses how memories started to manifest themselves when certain things would trigger them so to say. While watching the wizard of oz with his family as a kid, the part with the spider monkeys triggered a traumatic flood of past events that came rushing over him like waves of fear and madness. Very quickly it started to become apparent to him and most likely his mom at the time as well that this was just not normal, and there had to be sumthing more to this. This was not just a odd kid with a wild imagination,talking about imaginary friends but this was a child going thru actual horrifying circumstances that just can not rationally be explained. Bret also mentioned how as a teenager both him and his mom had noticed scars along his spine ,although he had NO surgery, the scars sure told a different story. Later on in life Doctors even confirmed it looked surgical. Ra than shares sum visions and interesting insights into what these abductions might be, what the greys actually are and so on. Both Ra and Bret agree on the fact that no one truly knows there agendas, purpose or origins. Ra talks how the greys may b a future race of biological drones or robots. Void of emotion or soul, but do have sum biological components. Artificial intelligent humanoid creations programmed to fulfill a certain mission. They can not reproduce unless thru a lab experiment, they have no sex organs. May b sum future race of these beings who seem to have mastered time and space manipulation and have come back in time possibly from 2000 years or so ago to conduct experiments on this past interesting species ,Humans, a being that is filled with emotions can reproduce, can create music and art, and most of all has an eternal soul…. They discuss how it seems they are interested in making a hybrid of the two species. One that has a soul. Also how there are typically two types of Greys ..the tall greys and the little ones. The tall grey seem to be the ones in charge of the experiment, directing the little ones who are hive minded and work like ants or bees working for the queen Tall Grey. also the connection of how abductions cases seem to have the same patterns even with ages . They tend to start at 3-5 years old and maybe stop when the subject is in there early 40’s. Almost like they get you while you’re in your prime. After the break Bret then talks of his most horriying experience of all, this is the event that has been featured on popular T.V. shows such as Ancient Aliens where he is featured on 2 episodes and on monsters and mysteries in America as well. You really got to listen to the show posted beneath to hear this horrifying life shattering event. Involving Bret and his ex Diane who was with baby. While living in Vegas as a musician, Bret and his girlfriend who was 4 months pregnant at the time were taken ,by the greys, Bret was put into a catatonic state and than the creepy Tall Grey forced him to watch as they had Diane in stirrups,taking her fetus while she screamed and pleaded with them not to take her baby. Time began to run out as Ra began to say how this horrible event reminds him of sum abduction Love Bite cases that Eve Lorgen discusses who is a past guest on Spiral Radio, friend and colleague of Ra. Bret said he agreed and also would love to come back on the show sumtime so they can continue this amazing discussion. Spiral Radio …the best paranormal discussion this side of the kuiper belt. To find Bret Oldham Books go to amazon..the children of the greys..Song on break is “Nightmare Caviar” by Analog Driver and outro By Ra
listen to the 12th episode w/Bret Oldham here:


13) 11/11/16  Laura Leon

The date was the mystical number of 11/11 a very significant  and meaningful number to both Laura and Ra. Laura is a holographic kinetics practitioner, Spirit Seer, quantum energy shifter, and so much more. This ended up being one of the best shows in the history of Spiral Radio. Even tho every guest and show is amazing,unique and the best show in its own way, Ra and the fans really enjoyed this one  show soo much. Ra and Laura really made a connection. They discuss so many interesting topics, but first Laura talks of her mysterious childhood and  being approached by the dead, and how she was given full recall of her actual birth process and remembers being transported to the newborn baby being born in the womb. She describes these rather large all business  humanoids transporting her soul to the newborn baby. Having recall of ones birth is a rare traumatic experience  and she was defintely given this for a specific reason, and a soul agreement prior to her being born was most likely made. Laura a gifted healer and starseed was put on this Earth with a special divine purpose. Laura shares how as a kid she would notice these balls of energy traveling thru the electricity of the house, and how she basically electrocuted herself in order to fry them!!!Ra than shares a story with her from his youth, of this shadow being in kid form that befriended him when he wuz younger. He says how family thought was just imaginary friend, but than this shadow being told Ra if he wants to play with him forever all he had to do was bite the electric wires behind the t.v.  Luckily he was smart enough to realize this was not good at all and ran to his Mom.  After break they begin to discuss  what the most ancient race on this planet, the aboriginals, call dream time healing.  The Aboriginals have even mastered lucid dreaming while awake and being able to manifest dreams in there physical reality .  Don’t miss out on this soul awakening show they also touch on hyperspace,astral entities, mandela effect,the Naga  and Angels… Such a good response from fans and the hour flew by so quick that Laura agreed to come back on the show Dec. 30th!!! You can find Laura at

listen to 13th episode w/Laura Leon here:  


14) 11/18/16  Maria D’Andrea This was really an amazing show Maria D’Andrea is a well known psychic and hereditary shaman and mystic from Hungary. She is an author of many books on how to spiritually heal ourselves, mysticism and sooo much more. She does everything from rune stone readings to automatic writing and how messages she gets can  help save lives. Teaches psychic classes,online courses and communicates with spirits, while still being a minister. Maria gets into her history and how she began astral projecting and goin out of body!!!! One experience she describes is profound, especially for Ra, because she talks of these beings that were dressed in robes or cloaks with hoods she saw in the astral and that they warned her to stay back but she got a positive protective vibe from them….but she never understood who they were (and off air she really described them more to Ra) Ra than knew who these beings were. This was one of many experiences she’s had with these protective spirits. The Grigori are powerful watchers over magical practices and beings, they are ancient spirits and this was an amazing connection that not many people get a chance to have. Before break she talks of her new book and riding waves to achieve success in life. Also about raising are vibrations with the planet to help heal. After break Maria than gives sum tips on how to astral project and relax to ultimately achieve out of body experiences. The next segment was a first on Spiral Radio that was a big hit with the listeners . A little fun game for psychics that Ra calls Second Sight Seven , where for Seven minutes Ra rattles off occult and paranormal questions and the psychic (in this case Maria) has to answer right away with the first thought that comes to mind.  Using her psychic intuitive insight and extra sensory perception to answer these questions. This was sooooo amazing and Maria for sure shows her powers….questions include soo many topics : Edgar Cayce,Fatima,bigfoot,Akenaten,time travel, sphinx, jack parsons, hindu gods, mu, artificial intelligence, the death of jimi hendrix, kurt cobain, blues player Robert Johnson, Urantia, Orion Group,Galactic Councils, and soo much more . You really dont wanna miss this !!!!!  Listen to 14th episode w/Maria D’andrea here:


15) 11/25/16  James Bartley

Nothing but Heavy hitters on Spiral Radio folks, this weeks guest, James Bartley, is one of the worlds top researchers on Alien abduction, MILAB, UFO’S, and all things anomalous. James is also a buddy of our host Ra, and Ra has also appeared on James’s Cosmic Switchboard show. You can find James Bartley at and subscribers get the real inside scoop and get to have there finger on the pulse of the worlds paranormal activity. This was a monumental show and the first of hopefully many more to come with James. James spoke of his lifelong experiences, and abductions. He told Ra about this little being that was with him as a child that he called “his little tour guide” . This being showed James his starseed origins and than described a procedure it did to  his heart chakra!! You really gotta listen to hear this intense experience. James, than goes on to talk of many missing time and odd experiences that happened to and around him growing up. He than describes how he came to be mentored by the late Barbara Bartholic and her protege Dr. Karla Turner. Also how he believes both Dr. Turner and Barbara were murdered for what they were discussing in lectures. Both were revealing how the military were working with off world entities, abducting citizens against their will, and doing all types of experiments (including mind control) on them. This is when the show gets real intense and starts discussing one of the most important topics right now. Ra and James discuss how our Earth has been going thru a dimensional shift lately and how these dimensional waves have been coming over us, altering our timeline. Also how this may involve the Naga (Reptilians) and  an artificial intelligence interweaving with the Dna of certain species. Also how Earth maybe being terraformed by these malevolent forces, getting Earths atmosphere ready for the Dimensional shift. They talk of how the Babalon workings of Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard in the 1940s may still be being carried out in the astral realms and on Earth by certain pockets of underground elites. This may have been the downfall of the lost continents Mu,Lemuria,Atlantis, and than Ra and James mention how certain groups may have made agreements in past incarnations to meet again in a future life when this is about to take place again. In order to prevent it!!!!They discus how Earth is some kind of prison planet for the soul , some spirtual grid trap , sent back from the lunar realm when one dies. Also how goin to the bright lights when one dies may actually be whats returning Souls to Earth!!!Ra than breaks down what the Tibetan monks believe and how different colors of lights in the afterlife lead to all different realms and consequences. The show is truly a life changer and soooooo thought provoking …this is one for the archives for sure !!!!The song on break is by Ra’s old band Nocturnal Awareness and the name of the song is “Lustration”. Some of the topics of Spiral Radio may have negative aspects to it, but our goal is to make people aware of the negativity out there ,so they can stay away from it and know what to look out for. Making people aware of what lurks in the shadows and in the lower astral realms…what creeps while u sleep. Making you Nocturnally Aware….Nocturnal Awareness. Listen to episode 15 w/James Bartley here:


16) 12/02/16  John Herlosky

For our 16th episode we had ex law enforcement, martial artist, author and expert Remote Viewer John Herlosky. You can find this episodes guest at and A Sorcerers Apprentice is also the title of John’s book. This was really a thought provoking,interesting and informative episode , just like always,hehehe….Seriously tho, even tho Spiral Radio is fairly new we really are starting to get a following and each week we have really knowledgeable listeners in the live chat room at This was a great show!!! John and Ra discuss some thought provoking information and facts that most people have never even realized before. This being how the military has its on psychic soldiers that they train to locate targets and carry out missions. They talked of the dangers associated with using this technique called Remote Viewing that include encountering lower astral entities, or creatures that even  the military is well aware of. John even confirmed Ra’s question whether or not remote viewers are made to sign a contract prior to remote viewing, saying that they understand the risks involved and all that jazz….   They continued to talk of the possible dangers of picking up lower astral entities, especially if a remote viewer is not a fully grounded person and is ego based or  has other internal spiritual dilemmas.  Ra than asks John if he’s ever encountered or seen any of these dark entities. You gotta listen to the show to get the whole story but John did admit, one time,  he did see one of these weird creatures. After the break the show gets even deeper as Ra asks John about remote viewing past lives and if he thinks we are living countless lives in the past ,present , and future all simultaneously? After this discussion they get into when John’s mission was to remote view the Rover on Mars. He describes how he was actually on Mars experiencing the atmosphere and the effect it was having on his breathing at the time. It was such an intense description, it makes you literally feel you were right there with him. Like most guests on Spiral Radio that get a good response from the listeners, Ra, will have John  back again sometime for sure. Another great show, the crescent moon was out and in Capricorn. Listen to episode 16 w/John Herlosky here:


17) 12/09/16  Eve Lorgen

This was a weird week for Ra, had gotten sick and had many spiritual experiences as well…This weeks guest is friend and colleague Eve Lorgen from   The weird thing to is last time Ra had Evie on as a guest he had a mysterious uncharacteristic headache and bad feeling come over him during the first 30 min of the show,but they got thru it ok and the show was pretty good. Ra felt like he did not do Evie justice lol, so he had her back on for another go. Than this time Ra gets the flu when he has her back on …jeez!!!!!! Even tho Evie is going to be a regular on the show anyway. Some guests will be on numerous times because there research is always updating and exciting new information is what Spiral Radio is all about. Every guest Ra chooses is pertinent to the Spiritual evolution of our species and he feels the information from each guest is at the least extremely interesting and thought provoking.  Some of this info will even awaken dormant elements of your DNA. Ra and Evie go really deep down the spiral in this episode, diving right into the deep heavy conversation of the Astral Realms. They discuss what Astral Snakes are and the different types of them. Also how they can manifest in the dream state and sometimes suck energy from people like an energetic vampire of sorts. Evie talks of how her and Ra in one of her dreams had to defend themselves against a red astral serpent. Ra also has had encounters with red snakes in some of his dreams and he found out they were minions of Apophis. Who is a real nasty ancient Evil Serpent who is a ruler of draconian magic. The song Bulletproof by Far Radio Clouds is played during break, a beautiful song written by Ra’s friend Ricky Rodriguez who is also of the band Analog Driver. The song is about the souls journey in life!!This is such an amazing song Ra’s favorite that Ricky has ever written…both Ricky and Ra  have had near death experiences that lead to these amazing songs. song was a perfect selection because after break discussion goes to the souls journey after death and how different bright lights lead to different dimensions like from the beliefs of Tibetan priests. Maybe even how these dimensions may have blended in with ours in the past as well as bringing other creatures and beings into our reality. Evie discusses Daoist beliefs and how our true history has been supressed and memory washed. Evie makes comparison of sci fi movies to how our past, present and future timelines and realities all running simultaneously are sometimes remembered and blended in with our current one. The show is a full hour of non stop intriguing supernatural information for all of you.

Listen to episode 17 w/Eve Lorgen below:


18) 12/16/16  Masaki Miyagawa

This week Ra had his friend and colleague Masaki Miyagawa back on. Masaki is a psychic,energy worker,numerologist,and is descended  from a 400 year old bloodline of Buddhist priests. He is here tonight  to talk about Numerology and the current state of our world. Also the controversial topic of the Buddha’s origins and how he was a Nordic. If anyone is interested in the best Numerology reading you can find or if you are interested in energy tools you can go to This is where Masaki does his readings,psychic consulations and has his custom made one of a kind Orgone Pyramids. The first half hour Masaki goes into how he does the numerology readings and why this is favorite style of reading for him to do. Answers some chat room questions while breaking down how numerology works and is the language of the universe. Ra than talks of Pythagoras and how he found an abandoned baby one day and raised it as his own.  Pythagoras named this baby Astraios or star child and some say this is where he recieved all his groundbreaking math and discoveries from. During break song is called Pullover smiles from Ra’s solo work Bring the Dawn. Than after break they talk of the Buddha and his Nordic roots and how his father may have even been one of the Magi. You gotta listen to the whole show to hear the rest!!!!enjoy and Spiral out….. Listen to episode 18 w/Masaki below:


19) 12/23/16 Laura Leon (Fallen Angel Friday):

Laura Leon who you can find at her amazing website is a friend and colleague of Ra, and past guests such as Eve Lorgen and James Bartley. Laura’s first time on Spiral Radio was such an amazing show and this time was just as amazing!!!In fact after the show the chat room was saying how they couldn’t believe how Ra and Laura was able to unload soooo much info  about sooo many amazing topics and all in an hour! At the beginning of the show Ra gives an important message to the listeners. Than they cover the council of 9 and how so many ancient ones have stories of these beings. Chinese called them the 9 sky lords, Daoists have the 9 emperor gods festival, Greeks had 9 gods with Zeus as their leader, Norse lore had Gods that survived Ragnarok, Aztecs had the 9 Lords of the night, Ra ancestors the Etruscan’s even had 9 muses or Demigods.  Laura talks how she has had contact with this council all of her life. She than mentions how they showed her a map of what Earth will look like after a future cataclysm.  This is another Fallen Angel Friday and an amazing one at that. Conversation than turns to Nazi Vrill psychic Maria Orsic and how she may have had contact with beings from Aldebaran and how this ties in to this alien substance that’s been labeled as Black goo. This substance is a programmable matter, a technology that interweaves with DNA and may even be related to certain mysterious Black stones throughout history. Laura than tells the story from her childhood, of how this substance had invaded her bloodstream and was killing her. The military was involved and the hospital had to scoop it out of her and replenish her system with mysterious fluids. Laura than mentions the entity Leviathan who she calls the Metal God and how this metallic god like species has been orchestrating evil take overs like this. During break Ra plays the amazing song Bulletproof from Far radio Clouds. After break they touch on the watchers and how Azazel taught women to use eyeliner and other things, and how these “fallen” were compelled to help humankind and were persecuted for it. Than Laura talks of her meetings with the council of 9 and how they are simliar to the watchers and only get involved with manknid when there’s no choice and how these beings are called different names over time. Laura and Ra also talk of the Naga,Tesla and soooo much more , for sure do not wanna miss this one. Open up your minds, open up your hearts and take notes….spiral out

Listen to episode 19 w/Laura Leon below:


20) 12/30/16 Ra Castaldo

Amy Allan was supposed to be the guest but there was technical problems so ra was forced to do the show solo!! It still was a kick ass episode!! Ra talks of his NDE and his contact with the Spirits he calls the Grigori. Tune in and awaken to the old ways!!!!



21) 1/06/17 Maria Wheatley

This was such a great episode, Maria Wheatley is a 2nd generation dowser and an expert on Earth energy and Ancient sacred sites. You can find Maria at and  This episode was filled with sooo much interesting information about the megalithic monuments including Stonehenge. Maria has such an amazing energy and she has such a unique way of making the listener hang on every word . She is an amazing mystic and teacher of the old ways. She talks of the longbarrows which are basically ceremonial tombs in the UK. These barrows including the ones at Stonehenge and Avery contained elongated skull beings and sum of them even had Egyptian items in it. She talks how these skulls have a connection to Akenaten, and the ones found in Malta. Maria talked of these elongated skull people and how they had a larger brain capacity and how they could tap in to Earth energies. Also how these beings were deliberately  murdered and buried so well and ritualistically. They were bascially wiped off the face of the Earth. Ra than makes the connection of how this shape skull may actually be more than just a trait, it may be what gives them enhanced cerebral capabilities. The pyramid and cone shape in general amplifies,transmits and enhances energies, and this may be giving ones with this shape skull enhanced capabilities. Even wizards like Merlin were always shown with hats this shape. At the break Ra plays the new single by Far radio Clouds called The Dice Divides whom you can find on Spotify and Reverb nation. After break they get into the history of Stonehenge and how over the years this site had gone thru many stages, both positive and negative. How sex magick rituals , even sacrifices took place there. Maria very nonchalantly confirms and states how even today, deep in the night, that men dressed in black cloaks are seen sneaking into these ancient sites during times when its illegal to b there. Than topic switches to Turin, Italy and how its the 41st parallel , and has both the satanic lei line and good lei line and how the shroud of Turin is there to balance the energies. Maria tells the story of when she was there and how an evil presence where the red phallic type rock and black trees are, latched on to her and gave her the mark of trinity scratch!!!!Ra mentions the Strega lore how Turin is where the malandanti and benandanti dance….meaning the places where good and bad witches meet and dance a metaphor for where the positive and negative Earth energies meet and entwine. Also discussed is the ancient feminine day and solar day. Don’t miss this one folks.Sorry about Ra’s audio on last 2 shows skype was down and he  had to call in…its like unseen entities inside the machine are trying to invade his message. They did not win!!!!!!!

episode 21 listen w/MariaWheatley below:


22) Naome Swan 01/13/17

This week is energetic healer Naome Swan. Her website is   Ra and Naome cover so much important subjects including the dangers of some Guru’s out there and how astral entities can cling to individuals. Some so called new age gurus out their are manipulating woman and subjecting them to astral realms and  tacutonim type entities that cling on to their souls. Naome than mentions how a certain so called Spiritual guru James Ray was running a sweat lodge a few years ago where 3 people died! They than discuss how sum channelers are being fed on by these entities and how certain youtube videos even contain  archonic parasites that invade ones subconscious. Naome talks of certain times in her life where she was even manipulated by a guru and now knows what to look for and how to read ones energy. The chat room asked a few questions regarding faeries. She mentions her contact with them and how they have helped her with her garden and other things. Another great show and a must listen.

listen to episode 22 w/Naome Swan below:


23) Peter Moon 01/20/17

For our 23rd episode Ra had past guest Peter Moon on once again and this was a great time and very informative, especially if you have an interest in the occult, Alister Crowley, L Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons, Marjorie Cameron and the Babalon workings.  Peter’s website is  Peter is the author of many books and is most known for his research in the Montauk Project and the Romanian Bucegi Mts. This is actually the 25th anniversary of the book Montauk Experiments in Time w/ Preston Nichols.   Ra and Peter get right into the occult talk with Peter’s experiment with the Book of Law by Crowley ….there’s an interesting passage at the end of the Book of Law, instructing the reader to paste the pages up to a wall in a certain order starting with verse 73 (I believe) and so on….so…..Ra had asked Peter about this experiment because in Peter’s book Montauk the Book of the Living he mentioned how he did this . So Peter first starts to explain the Book of the Law and its complexity. Than conversation goes to L Ron Hubbard and how Peter spent many years as a personal assistant to him and got to see how powerful of a man he was. He talked of how both Crowley and Hubbard were mirror men!!!Meaning whatever emotion or energy you put out to them they mirror it back to you and magnified !!Also how Hubbard’s energy was a destructive force like a hurricane ! During break is the song Realms by Analog Driver. After break talk turns from Crowley and Hubbard to Marjorie Cameron, Jack Parsons and the Babalon workings. Part of these Babalon workings was to create a moonchild or to incarnate a Goddess. Marjorie Cameron being the elemental summoned to carry this moonchild in her womb. Ra asked Peter about when he met Marjorie if she seemed soulless due to the fact that when she was used for these Babalon workings her soul would leave her body in the astral and used a s a vessel for ancient spirits and maybe somehow they have claimed her soul. Peter couldn’t say for sure one way or the other but what he could say is that Marjorie herself said to him that she actually became the Babalon workings. Also that once this happened to her almost immediately her hair started to go from red to gray and she walked with a cane and started to look like the crone which is the third and final stage of the Goddess. So powerful. They also discussed the night she had an accident and arrived disoriented at Jack Parsons door and how their was also a cigar shaped craft appearing at the same time. This is when she was magically summoned as an elemental. Some say she was even sent as a Navy spy or sent as a spy from Crowley himself to disrupt the Babalon workings or monitor them. Rumor has it that when she arrived at Parson’s door they stayed in bed for a few weeks making love. Almost sounds like what Eve Lorgen describes as the Love bite. This is one great show !!listen to episode 23 w/Peter Moon here:


24) 1/27/17  Jorge Martin

summary will be posted soon

listen to episode 24 and the amazing reports of Ufo and alien encounters in Puerto Rico with top researcher Jorge Martin here:



25) 2/03/17  Ra Castaldo  (astral wars,Walnut witches…)

26)  2/10/17   Ra Castaldo (Orion wars, black goo virus, lecthworth village)


27)  2/17/17  Stephen Popiotek

This was another great show and the second time Ra has had Stephen Popiotek on Spiral Radio. This time was just as interesting. Ra and Stephen go right into some mind blowing discussion when Ra asks Stephen to talk of his experiences with the Sun and how he became a Solar Mystic….Stephen talks of how he had this intense DNA activation mystical awakening experience staring into the Sun one day, and how that led to his path as a solar mystic. Ra compares this experience to that of Akenaten in Ancient Egypt and what was called the Aten. Stephen also talks of his encounters with a league of Solar Beings ….listen to the show to find out the name of these beings. Conversation turns to the angels of the four directions and who they actually are. Stephen explains some of the trauma and horrors he went thru as well during his MILAB abductions in an upstate underground facility.  Another thought provoking show with sum great info!!!

listen to episode 27 Stephen Popiotek here:


28)  2/24/17  Jolene Seebacher



29)  03/03/17  Patty Greer



30)  03/10/17  Matt Lacroix



31)  03/17/17  Rex Bear



32) 03/24/17  Frank Jacob



33) 03/31/17  Sarah Adams (Fallen Angel Friday)



34) 04/07/17  Jolene Seebacher



35) 04/14/17  Maria D’Andrea



36) 04/21/17  Gary Wayne (Fallen Angel Friday)




37) 04/28/17  Masaki Miyagawa  (Fallen Angel Friday)

listen to episode 37 with Masaki Miyagawa here:



38)  05/05/17  Peter Kling   

In this episode Ra and Peter have a very interesting discussion that will most likely be the first of many. Discussing first how Peter comes from a family of truth seekers, raised in bible prophecy , and forbidden to partake in any religion, He talks of his experience meditating and reading the book of Job. Peter explains how he saw thru the eyes of Job and that revelation awakened him. Ra also gets Peter to discuss an interesting experience with possible Aliens at 18 years old. Then they discuss how Earth was hijacked a few hundred thousand years ago by dark entities and how humanity has been put in a state of fear , a prison for our consciousness. Ra and Peter talk of how the woman was made from a DNA sample of ADAM, and about the genetic engineering described in the bible and the book of Enoch and how it is possible for our Earth to have a tube like hollow inner Earth from pole to pole (Agartha). Also how there is NO WAY  Earth is Flat!!!! Sorry Flat Earthers but this has been solved for thousands of years!!!!!Peter mentioned how there couldve been a virus in the fruit Adam took from the tree of life. A virus that has broken our DNA. Peter talks about the way our brain vibrates and about our soullevel ,alpha, dreamtime state and how we can all share each other’s thoughts …..A collective consciousness and how we can go back and forth in time with  parallel dimensions. before running out of time they mention how this is all connected to what is going on in CERN. Ra will have Peter back on soon and you can find the one and only Peter Kling and his book at

listen to episode 38 with Peter Kling here:


39) 5/12/17  Frank Jacob

listen to episode 39 w/ Frank Jacob here:


40) 5/19/17  Lauda Leon

listen to this groundbreaking episode w/ Lauda Leon here:


41) 5/26/17  Miesha Johnston

listen to episode 41 with Miesha Johnston here:


42) 6/02/17  Gary Wayne

In this amazing episode, friend of the show, Gary Wayne And Ra go deep down the spiral of the Ancient Persian king list of Giants.  Gary is the author of Genesis 6 Conspiracy and you can find him and his book at    According to history Ancient Persia had 72 kings who were  Giants called “The Solomons.”  One of these giants was called Argeak, who was said to have created a gallery of statues of these Giants that included scenery and animals of those ancient times.  These giants were said to be possibly more than 20 ft tall and lived for way over a 1000 years each!!! Argeak was said to have made this gallery on top of Mt. Kaf, which was an Ancient  mysterious Persian mountain. Gary talks of how common in many cultures to have similar galleries and how it may be possible these Giants may still exist.  Ra and Gary continue to talk how even the Native Americans had encounters and lore of Giants with red hair and double rows of teeth.  Than before break Ra talks of his vision of seeing Giants in suspended animation or a stasis in a crystal fortress with technology over there ears, and how they maybe frozen in a cryogenic stasis inside of inner Earth or what sum call Agartha.  You can find a video on this right here on the exploring the ka page. Gary finds this interesting and compares it to recent information coming out of Antartica and how these maybe the Nephillim. Other topics discussed are lion humanoid type beings called the Ariels or Auriel from Moab in the King James Bible. This show is one of the most intriguing hours on Giants and other ancient beings you can find….don’t wanna give the whole episode away in the summary, you dont wanna miss this one folks. Gary Wayne will be back on Spiral Radio on June 30th to do another Fallen Angel Friday!!

listen to episode 42 of the Ancient Giants with Gary Wayne here:



43)  6/09/17  Tim Beckley (Mr Ufo):



listen to episode 43 with Tim Beckley about Nazi Time Travelers, Men in black and much more here:




44) 6/16/17  Christopher Garetano


listen to Christopher talk about his upcoming series on history channel called Dark Files, Montauk project and more here:



45)  6/23/17  Patricia Farrington

(episode 45 with Patricia Farrington listen here):



46) 6/30/17  Gary Wayne (Fallen Angel Friday)

Listen to this amazing episode with Ra and Gary as they go deep down the Spiral of the Fallen, The Book of Enoch and the 12 winds and their portals. They discuss Inner Earth and possible portals and beings that may be imprisoned there. Other topics discussed include the Buddha and his origins, the Fae,and soooo much more!!!!

(listen to episode 46 with Gary Wayne here)



47) 7/07/17   Jorge Martin

This amazing episode is one that should not be overlooked!!! This is the 2nd time Jorge has been on Spiral Radio and was another top notch show. Jorge a expert in Ufology and a reporter in Puerto Rico has been covering ufo sightings and encounters of  anomalous activity and cryptids for over 30 years!!! This time Ra and Jorge discuss how these 9 ft tall flying Gargoyle type  Saurian creatures have been seen all over Puerto Rico, possibly coming from inter-dimensional portals inside the Earth, in the rainforest, in the water and in the mountains. Than Jorge tells how in 1996 his son while working as a police officer in Puerto Rico had an encounter with one of these beings in broad daylight!!! He provides his artistic rendition of this as well. His son was forbidden to talk of this for almost 25 years!! Other sightings discussed include other flying reptiles that resemble serpents said to be extinct for millions of years!!!! Do not miss this!!

(listen to episode 47 with Jorge Martin here )



48)   7/14/17   Ra Castaldo 


listen to episode 48 with our own Ra Castaldo as guest….The Fae Chronicles and Ra’s own personal encounter with another dimension and the Fae who inhabit it !!! listen here!!!



49)  7/21/17   Peter Moon


listen to episode 49 with Ra Castaldo and guest Peter Moon as they discuss :   What happens when we die???? The bardo Realms of Tibetan beliefs , Soul simulation matrix, Melanin in the brain and body, Inner Earth, and much more..listen to episode 49 right here!!!!



50)  7/28/17  Ra Castaldo  (Fae Chronicles Pt-2)


listen to the 50th episode of spiral radio as Ra discusses his Fae chronicles….the hallow tree portal, different beings classified as the Fae and real encounters. listen to episode 50 here:



51)  8/04/17    Michelle Walling


here is episode 51 with Ra and Michelle Walling, this was a great show on DNA activation,inheritance of your ancestors thru DNA,communicating with our higher self, transitioning into the New Earth rising, our spirit bodies,Mayan beliefs,Mt.kailash and so much more!!!! listen to episode 51 here:




52) 8/11/17    Kelli Coffee

this was an amazing episode, Kelli and Ra talk of artificial intelligence, the matrix, soul simulation and of Kelli’s ayuhuasca experience and her NDE. Listen to episode 52 here:



53)  8/18/17   Lori Bruno 

This episode was Spiral radio’s one year anniversary. Lori was our first guest and now back to do our anniversary show. Lori and Ra are both from some of the very last of the Strega hereditary bloodlines. This was one of the best shows yet. Lori and Ra talk of Lori’s ancestor Girodano Bruno and how he went thru years of being imprisoned in a dungeon before being burned alive for his beliefs. Also how Lori worked for NASA during 1960 and alongside Nazi scientists. Talk of the coming solar eclipse and the dangers out there. Also how Lori once cleared a home of demonic entities and was lifted off her feet and scratched by these evil forces. Listening to this show gives you a little glimpse into the power of Lori Bruno…she is such an amazing powerful woman and she takes you back thru time with her words and rhythmic energy. You can find Lori and her amazing store Magika in Salem Mass. and the website below click welcome or find Lori on this website on the colleagues page.



listen to episode 53 with Lori Bruno here:



54) 8/25/17   Ra Castaldo

In this episode Ra discussed the recent solar eclipse and how he feels there is an artificial intelligence interweaving with our world, DNA, and consciousness. Also sum of his personal experiences in life that has lead him to believe it is sum sort of a.i. technology behind it all . How he had a premonition of a famous actors death and much more.  Topics also discussed are Mantid Artificial Insectoid Intelligence, Akhenaten the ancient Pharaoh and our Sun. 

Listen to this groundbreaking episode here:



55)  9/01/17  Masaki Miyagawa

This amazing episode may have been Masaki’s best appearance on Spiral radio yet!!!Friend of Ra and the Show Masaki is descended from a 400 yr old bloodline of Buddhist Priests. In this show topics discussed are the solar eclipse and Masaki’s interesting vision he had of society , his new Orgone rodin coil powered device pyramids, and Masaki also gives a few grounding techniques for people to cleanse their enrgy before the end of the first segment of the show. In the 2nd half of the show they talk of the Samsara wheel in Buddhism and how it basically explaining this 3d matrix we live in. Also discussed is how we are living in a simulation and how this flooding in Texas may have even been a simulated storm. The show ends with Ra discussing what a shadow sacrifice is and how certain elites of the world may be carrying these out and using certain bloodlines as shadow sacrifices.  You can find Masaki and his pyramids, numerology readings and more at

Listen to episode 55 with Masaki Miyagawa here:


56)  9/08/17  Paris Tosen

listen to this amazing episode with host Ra and guest Paris Tosen as they discuss Soul Transfer technology and what a reality magician is. Listen to episode 56 here:  



57)  9/15/17  Sean Bond

a very intriguing conversation about the multiverse and tapping into the holographic akashik records. Listen to episode 57 here:


58)  9/22/17  Ra Castaldo



59)  9/29/17  Gary Wayne

In this amazing episode Ra and Gary go deep down the spiral of Ancient Giants and the two kinds …the Red head green eyes, and Blonde and Blue eyed. They talk of skeletons found all over the world and how they have been covered up by the Smithsonian etc.  They talk of Ancient Celtic Giants such as Fergus and his insatiable hunger for food, sex, etc…   Ra talks of his theory that they are inter-dimensional entities that when on our physical plane they are now subject to our rules. Ra also make comparisons to his lineage and the sacred grove of the Goddess Diana besides ancient Lake Nemi and the Rex Nemorensis . Gary once again brings sum intense info on the Tuatha Danann and many other Giants from history. This was one show for the record books!!!Don’t miss this one!!!! listen to episode 59 here:


60)  10/6/17   Randy Maugans 


Ra and Randy have an interesting discussion on mind control, astral abductions and so much more check out episode 60 here :




61) 10/13/17   Ra Castaldo

This is a show about our physical plane hijack, Ancient Giants, Dragons, places of natural power on our planet and the technologies within. Ra talks about the Celtic Giant Cu Chulain and how these entities now inhabitant certain constellations. Also about Dragon energy, Dragon magick machines,spots of spiritual power on our planet and how even people have evoked /conjured this dragon energy within themselves.Also how L Ron Hubbard could’ve been one of these people. Ra talks of what he looked like when he viewed him. After the break Ra discusses how placing certain stone spirals or circles on these places of earth power can activate portals or entities to arise and how one of these circles is called the dragons labyrinth. Also my encounter with a dragons labyrinth while in long beach California in 2002…Also so much more info regarding dragons..



62)  10/20/17   Solaris Blueraven


63)  10/27/17   Gary Wayne


64)  11/03/17   Nikki Colombo



65)   11/10/17       Tessa Dick



66)  11/17/17      Ra Castaldo 


67)   11/24/17    Ra Castaldo


68)   12/01/17     Frank Castle





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