Space Whale(from the Kuiper belt)

Rip right thru the trees, before you leave.
You shimmer like the stars, to instantly,
Get close to me.
Holds the silver cord, that binds the ghost inside, who breathes.
Stuck in the vacuum of Space.
You Attract Energy like the Casmir Plates.
Dive into the river that dwells beneath the sea, with me.
A paradise deep beneath the sea….
Sleeping with the Maya ,dance all night in the cosmos, and wake up on the beach.
Just sleeping with the Maya….

Ember days

That china doll face
Makes me feel like
I’m trapped beneath the ice
When you smile,show those shark teeth
I’m pulling at the crease, where the walls meet
Words dressed up like a masquerade
drag me into the shade, just so i can see the blade
Even the plants won’t look at you…
Can Remember watching those warm autumn night meteor showers, with u, my binary star.
A smile that can change the wobble of the Earth.
Seeing the particles spiral inside those eyes
staring at one another, until planets collide.
Within the center of your iris, nesting in your spine.
An ancient awakening hits you, with an indescribable force
Pleiades watches with despair
The mighty protector,Jupiter, he shows no remorse.
Pineal glands and pine cones opened up like the sea
A lost Assyrian temple dance
The fireball chasing me.
One second in the past, I’m staring down the moon
Beneath a sky filled with ghosts
I’m one second in the past from you.assyrian04

Its U (Doppleganger 2026)

That reflection is brand new, to you…
Just from one glance,she spoke to you, told you what to do.
Shadows that follow you, even in the shade.
Than the white owl said ” your plans, have already been made.”
I can see seasons changing, as I’m stuck in those eyes.
A cosmic dance in the ashes, a glitch in the sky.
Wondering if i bait you,
would you show up alive.
Took a bite out of the hologram
just to see whats inside.
A vortex of binary
codes and colors, I’d like to taste.
An ancient doorway, only the Holy can approach the Gate.
Look into the eyes of the reptile
Cold calculation, robotic like,
take you down without a sound.
Only the vibration draws a crowd.
The king cobra, with his celestial hood,
has come to town.