Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra show on Truth Frequency Radio
Eye of Ra show on Truth Frequency Radio

This is Ra Castaldo’s new show on http://tfrlive.com 

Ra’s new show called the Eye of Ra is on the Truth Frequency Radio Network every Saturday night from 7pm to 9 pm est.

So Journey down the Mystical Spiral and unlock ancient Gnosis within yourself. Ra Castaldo takes an interesting look at the human consciousness from a birds eye perspective. Do not miss this show!!!!!

Episode 1

Guest: Masaki Miyagawa

hr1 A.I. Grigori and shadow kids hr 2 Masaki Miyagawa

Episode 2

Guest:  Paris Tosen

Naga DNA A.I. Machine/ Paris Tosen and the Earth school

Episode 3 

Guest: Solaris Blueraven


Episode 4

Guest:  Peter Moon

Peter Moon and The Agartha Timegates

Episode 5

Guest:  John Herlosky

The Eye of the Remote Viewer with John Herlosky

Episode 6

Guest:  Bret Oldham

Bret Oldham and the Children of the Greys

Episode 7

Guest:  Nikki Colombo

Entering the OtherWorld with Nikki Colombo

Episode 8

Guest:  Tim Swartz

Chaos dragons,Archons,and the bizarre with Tim Swartz

Episode 9

Guest:  Frank Castle

Baal vs. Yahweh, The Fearless Shamans with Frank Castle

Episode 10

Guest:  Frank Jacob

The hijack of Planets,packing for Mars with Frank Jacob

Episode 11

Guest: Patty Greer

Unraveling the truth of Crop Circles with Patty Greer

Episode 12

Guest: Gary Wayne

Decoding the Nephillim with Gary Wayne

Episode 13

Guest: Robert Phoenix

Unlocking the Stellar Mysteries with Robert Phoenix

Episode 14

Guest: Christopher Garetano

Hour 1 Fae Chronicles/ Hour 2 Christopher Garetano

Episode 15

Guest: Gary Wayne

King Og and the Moonchild, Santa is Odin w/ Gary Wayne

Episode 16

Guest: Maria Wheatley

Magickal history of Stonehenge w/ Maria Wheatley

Episode 17

Guest: John Lear

Mysterious Mrs Patterson, Moon, meltdown of John Lear

Episode 18

Guest: Gary Wayne

Gary Wayne, Bloodline battle to Release the Antichrist

Episode 19

Guest: Ken The Scientist

Lupercalia origins, C60 healing w/ Ken the scientist

Episode 20

Guest: Solaris Blueraven


Episode 21

Guest: Robert Phoenix

Hr 1 Grigori Contactee / Hr 2 Robert Phoenix

Episode 22

Guest: John Herlosky

Watchers DNA,Hr 2 John Herlosky/ Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Episode 23

Guest: Masaki

Archangel Intelligence / PSI abilities w/ Masaki

Episode 24

Ra on Time Tech & Ancient Mystery Schools

Ouroboros Time technology,A.I. ancient Mystery schools

Episode 25

Guest: Gary Wayne

Seraphim Saturday with guest Gary Wayne

Episode 26

Guest: Paris Tosen

Are there androids among us? w/ guest Paris Tosen

shows are evolving each and every week we are now over 60 shows and the Eye of Ra is exclusively on truth frequency radio network get access to the archives at http://tfrlive.com/eyeofra

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  1. Excellent series hopefully leading to a full-blown short movie illuminating every facet of this multi-talented artist portal leap to 18th March 2018

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